Tuesday, 30 December 2008

LAST BREATH/JUNGLE HEAT (Taiwan, ca. 1985)

Title of original Taiwan version: LAST BREATH
Title of international version: JUNGLE HEAT

NB: Not to be confused with the Indonesian film JUNGLE HEAT aka Rimba Panas.

VHS/Denmark/fullscreen/English dub/Danish subs/international version/uncut

VHS/USA/somewhat letterboxed/in Cantonese/English + Chinese subs/original version

The only release of the original Taiwan version that I'm aware of is the US VHS shown here (presented with English subs and somewhat letterboxed). This VHS is probably also released in HK. EDIT: I now own the HK VHS. Interestingly enough it's much longer than the DVDR bootleg from FLK (which is actually taken from a differently edited Mainland VCD that runs about 20 minutes shorter!!)

There are several VHS releases of the international version; I'm familiar with tapes in Holland, Greece, Denmark, and Japan. Unfortunately except for the latter they are all fullscreen. The Japanese tape on the other hand looks fantastic in its fully letterboxed scope. It's a rare tape but if you should stumble over it grab it and hold on to it. I know that's what I'm doing with mine. LOL.

There are two DVD releases of the international print but unfortunately they come courtesy of the cut and dice happy Germans and Brits. Yes, both DVDs are cut. :o(
As far as I'm informed the German DVD does however contain the English dub (but what use is that when it's bloody cut!).

VHS/Japan/letterboxed/English dub/Japanese subs/international version/uncut

Chin Han (2)
Fan Mei-Sheng
Yuen Cheung-Fa
Dorian Tan Tao-Liang
Sam Jones ... only in JUNGLE HEAT edit
Christopher Doyle ... only in JUNGLE HEAT edit
Tan Tao-Kung
Woo Wai (3)
Ma Cheung (1)
Ngai Ping-Ngo
Chan Sing (1)
Keung Hon
Dik Lun

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