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WAR BUS (Italy/Philippines 1985)


VHS/Japan/fullscreen/English dub/Japanese subs

VHS/Denmark/format?/English dub/Danish subs
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1985 - Warbus (Amerinda Est)

Director “Ted Kaplan”/Ferdinando Baldi Story/Screenplay Ferdinando Baldi, John Fitzsimmons Executive Producer Tony Miland Music “Robert Marry”/Detto Mariano Cinematography “Mark Marsch”/Marcello Masciocchi Editor Med Salkind Dubbing Editor Nick Alexander

Cast Daniel Stephen (Sgt. Dixie), “Rom”/Romano Kristoff (Gus), Urs Althaus (Ben), Gwendolyn Cook (Anne), Ernie Zarate (Major Kutran), Don Gordon [Bell] (Ronny), Zeny R. Williams, “Steve Eliot”/Benito Stefanelli (Debrard), Josephine Sylva

Alright, WARBUS isn't a Filipino film as such but I have no problem including it anyway because it has Filipino film stalward RON KRISTOFF in one of the main roles so because of him it becomes kind of a Filipino film!!


  1. Don Gordon Bell- It is most definitely a Filipino War film as most of the cast were based in Manila and the crew/staff were all Filipino except for the Italian Directorre Baldi, his DOP, Sound Dept Head, Head Grip. Warbus was my best role, as the twisted and bedeviled man married to a Christian missionary who is cheating with an Aussie SAS. My character was also suffering from Schizophrenia and PTSD, ran out of his medications for Epilepsy, armed to the teeth but no military background (so I covered my USMC tattoo with a bandage). We shot on location in Tanay and Laguna provinces, I remember six weeks during the heat of summer. Urs Althaus was one of the three leads, along with Romano Kristoff. Gwendolyn Hung played my adulterous wife and RIP Ernie Zarate (Filipino artist of theater and film) was the South Vietnamese Ranger Captain. A Regal co-production with an Italian film producer, Dir. Baldi was famous for directing one of the first films with 3D techniques. WARBUS was a blast to work on and I believe a classic of "Made in the Philippines" Vietnam War Film genre.

  2. Hi Don,
    Thanks heaps for your info. I wrote my post nine years ago even before I'd watched the film, haha. I'll make sure to update it. Yes, it's most definitely a Filipino film. You regard it as your best role! Wauw. I can see why; it does have some more "meat" on it than quite a few other films in the genre. As you mention your character has certain flaws, untypical flaws I might add.

    Maybe you can shed some light on some of the other actors that would be really good; I looked up Gwendolyn Hung (surname Cook in the credits) and IMDb lists this as her last film. Do you know what became of her/her whereabouts?

    Zeny R. Williams and Josephine Sylva play the other woman and her daughter, but it's not mentioned who's who. Do you remember? IMDb lists this as their only film.

    I also looked up Ernie Zarate; Woah, what a film biography! His latest entry was 2014.

    Hope all is well at your end, Don. Thanks again.

  3. Great action flick with one of the greatest spaghetti western's director.

    1. You're absolutely right. :D
      Thanks for the comment, mate.


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