Sunday, 25 January 2009



VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs.

Starring: Robert Marius & Mike Monty.

NB: The exact same front cover is used on the Greek vhs for Eddie Romero's MANILA, OPEN CITY!!!

VHS/Japan/fullscreen?/English dub/Japanese subs.

[thanks to Michael Gustavsson of Cinehound forum who sent me the Japanese scan!]


  1. Does a DVD-r of this exist?

  2. Ehh, I suppose if someone has one of the tapes and made a dvd-r copy of it yes it does exist.

    I have the Japanese tape but unfortunately I don't have a dvd recorder that can copy from NTSC tapes. :-(

  3. Many thanks for the reply, Jack - Loving the site!

    Just seen the marvellously mad Heroes For Hire - I'm glad I tracked it down!!

  4. Thanks! And I love that you love it. :-)

    Heroes for Hire! Gee, that's one I don't even have! :-(

  5. Jack

    That can easily be rectified!!

    Please e-mail me -

  6. Hi Jack

    I've FINALLY gotten this - under the alt. title, The 13th Mission - on VHS today!

    Cannot wait to see it!

    I'd love to know, what did you think of it when you saw it?

  7. Hi there Unknown,

    Very cool! Congrats.

    Interesting that you've got it under that alternative title (my own tape is the Japanese one). Sargent Rock at Cinehound told me about two different versions of the film but whether this is the one that's different to mine or it's a third tape I can't remember. I'll have to dig out his old email.

    About the film; I thought it was great! I was well entertained and I liked the fact that it's actually about two US soldiers in the Vietnam War who desert from the army. And it's pretty violent too! So yes, I liked it a lot but I also know of someone who was disappointed and kicking himself for having paid over $100 for the Greek tape. Well, it'll be interesting to see if you like it or not. :D

  8. Btw, where was you tape released?

  9. Oh, and my apologies to the person who offered me a copy of HEROES FOR HIRE in June of last year. Sorry, I completely forgot your post.

  10. Hi Jack

    The VHS is from the US, from Shine Home Entertainment, and is dated 1991.

    I'm in the process of having it transferred to DVD-R.

    I certainly didn't know there were two differing versions out there!!

    The offer of a free copy of Heroes For Hire on DVD-R was from me - and it still stands, by the way!! Trust me, you'll love it!!

  11. I also meant to say, there's stil copies of The 13th Mission on VHS at good prices on (which is where I got mine!)

  12. Hi again,

    I'll try and find the info about the alternative HEROES BLOOD (or whatever it was Sargent Rock said about it, it's been a while but I'm sure he talked about two different versions).

    Oh, the offer came from you! Thanks, and yes please I'd love a copy. If there's anything from this blog I can get you in return do let me know. I don't have all the films listed here (but almost) and I can't copy from NTSC but everything else is fine.

    And thanks for the info.

  13. Hi Jack

    Disc is ready to be sent to you - please give me a postal address and I'll get it out to you ASAP!!

  14. That sounds awesome! Thanks. I'll email you my address to the above email addresss as I don't wanna post my snail-mail addy here (if your email is discontinued please let me know, thanks).

  15. Hi guys,

    I think the confusion was based on similarities between the crew of this one and Assault Platoon (1988). I can confirm Heroes Blood and 13th Mission are the same movie.

  16. Thanks for the info, Sarge!!

  17. Hey Sgt Rock,

    Thanks for the info. Long time no see but good to know you're still out there! :D

  18. Karlos,
    I received your DVD today and thank you very much for that. It's people like you who make it fun to do a site like this (now, more people start sending me stuff, chop-chop! LOL). Thanks. Like I said in my eMail let me know if there's anything.


  19. Glad to hear it got to you OK - hope you enjoy it!!

    I'm sure you will, it's a fun flick!!



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