Saturday, 3 January 2009


aka PLATOON THE WARRIORS (on the Greek VHS cover)
Original title before Joseph Lai treatment: DIEGONG BAYONG


  1. This Hk movie directed by Philip Ko for Joseph Lai's IFD used for his main body a filipino movie titled DIEGONG BAYONG that is still avaliable on VCD in some shops in Philippines.

  2. Oh man, mucho gracias for that piece of info! Es MUY BUENO!! I'm always curious as to which films were used for all those Joseph Lai/Thomas Tang/Godfrey Ho cut 'n' paste films.


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Bikini girls with machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.