Friday, 9 January 2009


VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub

Newer updated info to the updated info further down (LOL):

HKFLIX lists BLACK WARRIOR as being directed by Godfrey Ho (Christ Hannah, Bruce Lambert)!! (all three of them?)

Producer: Thomas Thang.

Cast: Barry Hyman, Kevin Brooks, Rachel Sheen, Albert Wilton, David Arch, William Quaid, Joe Fields, Sally Short, Stuart Lyne.


I have BLACK WARRIOR listed as a Filipino film. My review was a quick one written for a post at Cinehound forum and I just took the info from the eStore where I bought the DVD but, uhh, something tells me this may be a Hong Kong production instead. If anybody out there knows the ins and outs of this film please do let me know (and yes why don't I just write down the print credits... and yes I'll do that. Soon!).

Just today I got a cover scan of another release of the film, not the Japanese one I refered to in my review but a Greek VHS and the aka title is sure enough SUPER PLATOON. I should point out the title on my German DVD print is indeed BLACK WARRIOR and it doesn't look like a substituted title card.

And thanks to Andrew Leavold for pointing out GET VICTOR CORPUS is indeed a Filipino film and not from HK.

Please, fellas, do let me know about missing and faulty info, and right out fuck ups. I won't get annoyed for being told something is faulty, I won't get cross with ya! I'm into these films but I'm by no means an expert. Günter Müller ought to be doing this site (but he's busy somewhere in Austria), or messrs Adelman & Leavold (but they ALREADY do sites partly on Filipino films). I've always been into Hong Kong trash cinema so I'm really a hack at what I do here. But, well, there is NO ONE else who wanna do a site on trashy Filipino war flicks and we need one; So that's why I've decided to do this. So in other words, buddy, don't hold back any info you may have just because you might think I already know or am too snobby to want your help. I AM a snob and I don't want your... no, hold on, what?? Haha, you get my drift. Help is appreciated. Cheers.

Jack J

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