Saturday, 3 January 2009

A TIME FOR DYING (Philippines, 1970)

Original title: PIPO (A TIME FOR DYING)

VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs.

[click scan for bigger size]

1970 – A Time For Dying (Nepomuceno Productions)
[Philippines release date 13th February 1970, original title “Pipo (A Time For Dying)”]

Director Luis Nepomuceno Cinematography Loreto Isleta Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Charito Solis, Pancho Magalona, Fred Galang, Rod Webb, Miguelito, Angel Esmeralda, Eddie Garcia, Eva Darren, Yoshinori Mori, Rick Bacher, Teddy Benavidez, Ben Perez, Norma Blancaflor, Mary Walter


  1. Is this the movie?

    P.S. Love your blog, keep'em coming. )

  2. Hi,
    Yes, it is. You'll find some credits info and a review on Andrew Leavold's blog:

    - and thank you for saying so, I appreciate that! :D


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