Friday, 6 March 2009


VHS/UK/format?/English dub?/pre-cert release/censorship cuts?

VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs

Credits list from imdb:

Mark Lenard ... Jason Cootes
John Russell ... Darmody
Linda Avery ... Kalin
Keye Luke ... Colonel Oong
Bobby Canavarro ... Kon
Curtis Coe ... Submarine Captain
Frank Cushing ... Father
Jon Fong ... Aide
John Forbes ... Chief of Staff
Stacy Harris ... Operations Commander Callan
Bill Hui Hui ... Oong's Bodyguard
Karen Jackson ... Daughter
Betty Lawson ... Mother
Ernesto Mirasol ... First Officer
Danny Pacia ... Lorenz
Kim Ramos ... Manding
Gigo Tevzadze ... Malik
Gloria Wiita ... Head Sister
Arthur Wong ... Doctor

Thanks to of for providing me with a copy of the film.


  1. Thanks! I think it's got more to do with sheer luck than hard work, LOL.

    I came across yr own blog a little while back (a link from MM blog I think) and that's a spiffy one too!


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