Friday, 8 May 2009


VHS/Holland/probably fullscreen/English dub/Dutch subtitles
[click scan for bigger size]

(Silver Star Film Company)

Director John Lloyd
Story/Screenplay Timothy Jorge
Producer “Silver Star Film Company”, [uncredited] K.Y. Lim Cinematography Vittorio “Abbot” [Anders?]
Music Patrick Wales
Editor Edgar Vincent
Production Design George Will
Art Director Tracy Gelber
Sound Effects Kenneth Little
Production Manager Bugsy Davidson
Production-In-Charge Roger Black
Production Assistants Dhel Mayer, John Crocker
Propsman David Pauley
Setman Archer Speers
Grip Mark Miller
Keygrip Peter McKillop
Bestboy Alexis Gelber
Dollygrip William Clark
Assistant Director Tom Coger
Assistant Editors Joseph Collins, Richard Collins
Assistant Cameraman Ron Young
Wardrobe Master Maynard Parker
Location Master Jeff Dallas
Transport Manager Larry Byrd
Assistant to the Producer John Witherspoon
Makeup Artist Anne Underwood
Stillman Lincoln Abraham
Wrangler Terry Johnson
Field Cashier Carolyn Friday
Scriptgirl Judith Fox
Propsmaster Peter Hackett
Focus Puller Robert McFarlane
Camera Operator Richard Allen Field
Soundman Ron Kennedy
Special Effects Leonard Wood
Sound Effects John Aaron
Sound Mixer Bob Barker
Stunt Co-ordinator “Gerry”/Jerry Bayron
2nd AD Billy Bates
3rd AD Bill Powell
Production Secretary Lynn Langway

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Bikini girls with machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.