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Bert Spoor Filmography

More from the BERT SPOOR interview
[Asked about Nick Nicholson] I'ld better be carefull cos he loves kicking asses, hahaha.
No, he's really a good guy, from the very first day we met we were 'smoking' buddies. So was Henry of course. There aren't really anecdotes, it's all big stories with this guy! It would fill a book to write about that. And he is doing that right now on his blog. The most hilaric was I think when we wrapped early on the Firebird set. After diner we started to play Monopoly ( we played that a lot ) and alcohol was involved. I believe it was Peta Wittle who managed to find a bottle or two. Most of us were pretty 'greasy' after a few drinks, but what the hack, we had fun. Then all of a sudden Bugsy Davao our AD showed up to tell us we had a night shooting. We were "lasing" , intoxicated and hardly capably to move our hotels on the board. On the set everthing went wrong, I mean Everything. When the direct told us 'to stick our guns in any hole we could find' filming was no longer possible. We all pissed our pants.

Bert Spoor Filmography (borrowed from Bert's own blog):


1. Juramentado 1984
with: Jesse Ramos, Paul Vance, Steve Rogers, David Light,
Robert Marius*, Bert Spoor
Dir. Unknown

2. The Firebird Conspiracy 1984
with: Steve Rogers ( for Bruce Baron ), Jesse Ramos, Joonee Gamboa, Vic Dias, Dick Israël, Willy Williams, Paul Vance, Nick Nicholson*, Pita Wittle, Peter Walker, “crazy” Willy Moralez *, Henry Strzalkowski, Bert Spoor. Puzon Prod. ,Pio Lee
Dir. June Gaillardo* / Vittorio Romero

3. Missing in Action 1984
With: Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, Willie Williams, Erni Ortega *, Berto Spoor.
Lance Hool, Ken Metcalfe*, Yoram Globus & Menahem Golan
Cannon Prod.Dir. Joseph Zito

4. The Destroyers aka Kings Ransom aka The Devastator 1985
Final Mission with: Richard Hill, Nick Nicholson*, Henry Strzalkofski,
Bert Spoor. Premier Production
Dir. Cirio Santiago *

5. Blackfire 1985
with: James Gaines, Ron Kristoff, Richard Harrison, David Light, Tony Carrion, Bert Spoor Dir. Teddy Page

6. American Ninja 1 1985
with: Michael Dudikoff, John Fujioka*, Henry Strzalkofski, David Light, James Gaines, Eric Hahn,,
Tony Carrion, Berto Spoor
Cannon Prod
Dir. Sam Firstenberg

7. Opposing Force aka Hellcamp 1986
with: Tom Skerit, Richard Roundtree, Anthony Zerby, Lisa Eickhorn, James Gaines, Warren Mclean, Steve Rogers, Henry Strzalkofski, Willy Williams , George Cheung, Bill Kipp, Renato Morado, David Light, Berto Spoor.
Dir. Eric Karson

8. Behind Enemy Lines aka Attackforce Nam aka POW the Escape, 1986
with: David Caradine*, Eric Hahn, Bill Kipp, James Gaines, Willie Williams, Henry Strzalkofski, Berto Spoor, Ken Metcalfe*, Cannon Prod.
Dir. Gideon Amir

9. Equalizer 2000, 1986
with: Richard Norton, Don Gordon, Eric Hahn, Henry Strzalkofski, , Vic Diaz, Bert Spoor. Premier Prod.
Dir. Cirio Santiago

10. Silk 1986
with: Cec Verrel, Bill McLaughlin, , David Light, Ronnie Patterson, Joonee Gamboa, Steve Rogers, Willie Williams, Eric Hahn, Don Gordon, Henry Strzalkofski, Vic Diaz,, Bert Spoor. Premier Prod. Dir. Cirio Santiago

11. Women of Valor 1986
with: Susan Sarandon, Kristy McNichols, Eric Hahn, Carlos Palacios, Bert Spoor,
Cast. Ken Metcalfe
Dir. Buzz Kuli

12. Platoon 1986
with: Willem Dafoe, Charly Sheen, Raphael Shulz, Nick Nicholson*, Eric Hahn, Berto Spoor. Dir. Oliver Stone

13. Missing in Action 3 1988
with: Chuck Norris,Roland Harrah lll*, Yehuda Efroni, Ken Metcalfe*, Bert Spoor Cannon Prod. Golan /Globus.
Dir. Aaron Norris
( helicopter crash Naic Cavite 30 may 1988 4 dead *)

14. A Dangerous Life aka The 4 day Revolution 1988
with: Gary Busey, Joonee Gamboa, Tony Carrion, Bert Spoor.
Hanna Barbara Prod.
Dir. Robert Markowitz

15. Hamburger Hill 1987
with: Anthony Barille, Maichel Boatman, Don Cheadle, Eric Hahn, Berto Spoor,
Dir. John Irvin

16. Return From the River Kwai 1989
with: George Takei, Edward Fox, Nick Tate, Timothy Bottom, Chris Penn*, EricHahn, Robert Kelley, Bert Spoor. Dir. Andrew Mc. Laglen

17. Indio 1989
with: Brian Dennehey, Marvin Hagler, Francesco Quinn,Chuck Hicks, David Light, Bert Spoor.Dir. Anthony Dawson aka Antonio Margheritti

18. The B-team aka Above the War 1989
with: Richard Harrison, Bert Spoor, AD.Henry Strzalkowski, Dir. Ken Watanabe

19. Born on the 4th of July 1989
with: Willem Dafoe, Tom Cruise ,Tom Berringer,Henry Strzalkofski, Bert Spoor. Ken Metcalfe*,
Dir. Oliver Stone

20. Deltaforce 2 The Colombian Connection 1989
with: Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Bert Spoor, Eric Hahn, Ken Metcalfe*,
Cannon Prod
Dir. Aaron Norris
(2nd helicopter crash ,: 16 may 1989, 5 dead )
Geoff Brewer, Mike Graham,Don Marshall, Gadi Danzig, Jojo Imperiale *

21. Heartstone aka Demonstone 1989
with: Jan Michael Vincent, Eric Hahn, Bert Spoor.
Direct. Andrew Prowse

22. Blooddepts aka Eliminator 1985
with: James Gaines, Richard Harrison, Mike Monty, Dick Israël, 'crazy' Willie Moralez *, Bert Spoor
Direct: Teddy Page.


  1. Thank you Jack. This is a great compliment.

    btw. pls. check my spelling and edit my 'Double Dutch' if necessary hahaha

  2. Bert, my pleasure. I'm just happy to be able to get all this cool info on films that it's very hard to find any info on anywhere else. Would you believe it, to the best of my knowledge this site is the only one to exclusively write about Filipino war flicks!

    Spelling: I'm going to post the entire interview soon and when I do so I'll be sure to proof read it all, no worries.

  3. I'll write more about this elsewhere on this blog but I thought I'd just mention that I've actually found THE B-TEAM!!! It was released under the alternative title of ABOVE THE WAR, and on video in Japan as SEARCH AND DESTROY. There's an entry for it here on the blog.


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