Saturday, 24 October 2009


Original title: 800 HEROES

Taiwan war action directed by Shan-si Ting in 1976! Starring Carter Wong, Brigitte Lin, Chun Hsiung Ko !!
Big budget Chinese retelling of the Japanese invasion WWII is a grand war film of the sort they don't make any more !!


NB: I'm fully aware this is indexed in the "Non war Filipino films" category altho it's not from the Philippines at all, but I try and keep this page as simple as possible and I already have one section for non Filipino war films, and yet another section of "Non Vietnam war non Filipino films" section would be juuust too much!! LOL.


  1. the real title of this movie is 800 heroes, directly translated from its original chinese title and also that was the title this movie had in some international releases.
    Jesus Manuel

  2. Hey Jesus Manuel,
    Thanks for the info. I'll add that title.


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