Saturday, 28 November 2009

LEATHERNECKS (Italy/Philippines, 1988)

Original title: COLLI DI CUOIO
aka Death Squad (Japanese VHS cover title)

(DMV Distribuzione/Gico Cinematografica S.r.l.)

VHS / Australia / fullscreen / English audio / no subs

VHS / Japan / letterbox / English dub / Japanese subs

VHS/Holland/slight lbx/English dub/Dutch subs.
[click scan for bigger size]

VHS/USA/probably fullscreen/English dub/no subs.

Director: “Paul D. Robinson”/Ignazio Dolce
Producer: Gianfranco Couyoumdjian
Music/Computer Programmer: Stefano Mainetti
Editors: Alberto Moriani, Ernesto Triunveri
Cast: Tanya Gomez, Richard Hatch, Vassili Karis, Robert Marius, Antonio Marsina, James Mitchum.

From the Trash-online catalogue:
More Vietnam mayhem from Ignazio Dolce (LAST FLIGHT TO HELL)! LEATHERNECKS is definitely Dolce's most stylish and rarest work- forget about most of the cheapie Vietnam actioners you have seen, LEATHERNECKS is a big-budget jungle film featuring lots of big & beautiful explosions, non-stop cursing commandos, non-stop shootings and even rape and drug abuse. Features a great cast including Tony Marsina (ROLF THE LAST MERCENARY) and a powerful synthesizer score by Stefano Mainetti (of Zombi 3 fame). Italo-action fans shouldn't miss this at any cost!

I received the Dutch VHS release of LEATHERNECKS today and watched it right away and I can only agree with the reviewer from the Trash-online catalogue! A truly great 'n' trashy Filipino war flick!! Production wise it is Italian as stated in that review but it was most definitely filmed in the Philippines and about every extra in the film is obviously Filipino.

Widescreen print available from

Thanks to Simon of Explosive Action for the cool Aussie cover!


  1. Picked up the Australian release on CBL today very very cheap. It's full screen but great quality. Scanned the cover for you here:

  2. That's a very cool cover, Simon!!! I love the red writing and black front/back. Thanks. I'll post it here. :D

    1. Who survives and who dies in the movie might I ask name the actors by character?

    2. Uhh, I think I'll let somebody else make that list. LOL


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