Wednesday, 18 November 2009

SOLDIER WARRIORS (Thailand, 198?)

VHS / Holland / format? / English dub / Dutch subs
[click scan for full size]

Seller's description:
Totally ignored by IMDb, this nihilistic, brutal Thailand-made/IFD-lensed commando thriller has much action, hilarious dubbing and some truly outrageous scenes.

Here, a crack anti-guerilla unit called The Five Hell Stars go into the jungle to destroy an enemy HQ. They are, as one character puts it, ‘a bunch of weirdos!’. One is a face-painted archer with a mohican, and another is this huge guy called ‘Dr Death’ – who carries a harpoon gun and wears a black KKK hood! Then he cracks up and gets killed by a bunch of dayglo-yellow-painted natives who jump him out of nowhere.

Much more bizarreness happens along the way, but I’ll leave it to you to discover that.

This full screen Greek VHS is in great condition, though the cover has fold marks visible on the photo. Apart from a German release (dubbed into German), I’m not aware of any other video release for this movie.


  1. This movie was also released in Spain looooooong time ago under the same title & dubbed into Spanish lang. I can't recall if the spanish edition was widescreen ( have to check it) but I am sure the master used for its spanish release was very good one.

  2. Thanks. I'm told there's also a VHS from the UK.

  3. I got a dutch vhs, i might be able to scan the cover if you want, it is hardly playable, to bad.

  4. Hi Unrealbe!

    You've got a Dutch VHS! Cool!! Yes, I would love a scan!! Sorry to hear about the bad quality of your tape.

  5. Hi! Here is the scan:
    The tape quality is actually better then remembered and indeed watchable :)

  6. Hey!
    That's awesome! Thanks for the scan!! I'll post it right away.


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