Monday, 18 January 2010

Don Gordon Bell's Naked Vengeance

A few days ago I wrote about how I'm finally getting an unrated & uncut copy of Santiago's NAKED VENGEANCE from 1985.

If you check the comments section to that post you'll see a reply from Don Gordon Bell who was actually in the movie (alongside Nick Nicholson). As you know, this blog is devoted to exploitation movies from the Philippines and both Don and a handful of other actors who starred in those Filipino flicks (Nick Nicholson, Eric Hahn, Bert Spoor) are followers of my wee blog and it goes without saying that that's pretty cool! You might wanna follow the profile links and check out their blogs. In fact, at least half of my followers are people with cool blogs and I'd recommend you check them all out.

Anyway, in response to my post about NAKED VENGEANCE Don also did a post about the film on his own blog and you can check it out here. Like Nick, Don is an American who went to the Philippines way back when all those trashy films were made and stayed there for a long time. But in contradiction to Nick Don moved away and now lives in Korea.

Top picture: Don Gordon Bell
Bottom picture from left: Kaz Garas, Nick Nicholson, Don Gordon Bell

Kaz Garas has been in many cool exploitation and horror films (as recently as 2004 according to IMDb) and when I checked his IMDb profile I discovered he was even in the violent US cop series Riker which I watched on local TV in the early 1980s and which I've been trying to track down for the last couple of years (unsuccessfully I might add).

PS: I'd also like to send out a round of applause to Hans-Jørgen (aka Diabolik of Cinehound and forums) whose gift (a few months back) in the form of a Danish VHS copy of NAKED VENGEANCE is very much appreciated. And it was an ex-rental copy from a "Brugsen" rental outlet in Greenland even! How awesome is that. Unfortunately, the print is the R rated short version - but, hey, it's the thought that counts. And no matter the print, the Danish ex-rental is mega rare so that's cool regardless.


  1. Great stuff Jack. I have a copy on DVD with the (lol) handwritten title on it courtesy of Andrew Leavold. That's where I got all the screen caps Don used.

    I wouldn't call this a wee blog as it is vast!:)

  2. Hi Nick, next care package coming soon. My producer is sending me to Manila in April or May (not Feb) for a 10 day visit, so I'll see you then old son!

  3. Ahh, thanks Nick. Much appreciated!!

    Hey, I want a producer like that!


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