Tuesday, 12 January 2010

THE LAST HUNTER (Italy/Philippines, 1980)

Original title: L'ultimo Cacciatore
aka Junglebrigaden

VHS/Denmark/letterbox/English dub/Danish subs/missing one dialogue scene according to Absurd magazine.
[click scans for bigger size]

VHS/UK/letterbox/English dub/no subs
[click scan for full size]

VHS/Holland/???/English dub/Dutch subs
[click for bigger size]

VHS/UK/letterbox/English dub

DVD/Denmark/letterbox/English dub/Scandinavian subs
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  1. Hi Jack, that Inter Light Video of The Last Hunter is lbx, not fullscreen.

  2. Hi Harm!
    Thanks buddy. I'll correct that right away! You're in Holland if I remember correctly, right? You wouldn't happen to know the format for the Dutch tape would you?

  3. Yeah, I´m in Holland. But I´m not familiar with that particular tape. I have that Inter Light Video of The Last Hunter.
    Don´t know if it´s the right place, but another suggestion for your list is Kill Zone a 1993 Vietnam film by Cirio H. Santiago featuring David Carradine.
    Great blog, a treat to read. Keep it up!

  4. Ahh, thanks that's good to hear. And I guess it could even be a better blog if I got off my ass and started to actually review some of these films, haha.

    Thanks for your suggestion about Kill Zone. I'll add it right away.

  5. in Argentina the name was Apocalypse 2


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