Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Passage to Hell + Sando and the Diplomat's Daughter

When I discovered the info about ABOVE THE WAR being the release title for what was originally called The B-Team it was via the British Film Institute's homepage. And when Mr. Leavold checked the site he noticed yet two more films directed by Ken Watanabe; PASSAGE TO HELL and SANDO AND THE DIPLOMAT'S DAUGHTER, produced in Japan and Hong Kong but apparently filmed in the Philippines around the same time and using Filipino actors (well, from Filipino films anyway). However, there is hardly any info available on the BFI site nor anywhere else online, and I have no knowledge about these films whatsoever. So if any of you know anything about this, let alone has or knows of a VHS (or even VCD) release of either film do let us know. Cheers. And yes, trying to wade thru the (Vietnam) jungle that Filipino war flicks is, is a slow journey where discoveries are often closely linked to sheer luck. LOL.

The info that I have from the BFI page about PASSAGE is:

Director Ken Watanabe
Cast David Light, Michael Welborn, Jim Moss, Anthony East, Donald Wilson, Philip Gordon.

-And from the BFI page about SANDO:

Library Synopsis
Action film: a diplomat's daughter is kidnapped and it is up to Sando, his midget assistant and a beautiful government agent to try to set her free.

Director: WATANABE, Ken
Production Company: Silver Star Film Company

Cast Member KRISTOFF, Romano
Cast Member PRICE, Janet
Cast Member JUHAS, Frank
Ben DULANEY, John P.
Cast Member MONTY, Mike


  1. Looks like both of these are on japanese VHS. I couldn't find a decent enough picture of Passage to Hell to share, but here's Sando:

  2. Wauw, thanks a bunch, unknown person!! And just the info that "Passage to Hell" is out there is great enough! I take it you only have the scan of the other one but not the actual tape?

    I'll do an entry for the film and use your scan which I hope is alright. Thanks again.


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