Monday, 11 January 2010

TORNADO (Italy/Philippines, 1983)


VHS/Greece/somewhat letterboxed/English dub/Greek subs.

Directed by: Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony M. Dawson).

In 1980 Margheriti directed a Vietnam War movie that most fans of Italian cinema are familiar with even if they don't usually watch trashy war flicks; THE LAST HUNTER and two years later he did the follow up TIGER JOE. which is also known to most video collectors. However, what less Italo fans are aware of is that he also made a third Vietnam War movie in 1983 entitled TORNADO. All three are filmed in the Philippines and thus fulfill the requirements for passing thru the strictly guarded door into this here spiffy place. xD

And also, it features two actors who would later become household names in trashy Filipino war flicks; Ron Kristoff and Mike Monty. By the way, in the 'Pines TORNADO was released under the alternative title of The Last Blood but shouldn't be confused with a film from Hong Kong also called THE LAST BLOOD (which then again was re-titled in the UK to Hard-boiled 2 to make people believe it was a sequel to John Woo's heroic bloodshed movie HARD-BOILED!!). Incidentally, THE LAST BLOOD (the HK film) was directed by Wong Jing who who is kinda the Hong Kong Antonio Margheriti, haha. And altho I don't usually talk about HK flicks here I would feel really crappy all day if I didn't do my utmost to convince you to go and get hold of THE LAST BLOOD, well that is if you like your films violent and action filled. Altho it by no means has the style of John Woo's masterpiece it does everything in order not to fall behind. Needless to say it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

Anyway, TORNADO is quite good. It's set in the very last days of the US involvement in the conflict. Giancarlo Prete (as Timothy Brent) plays a sergeant who just can't cope with his captain who doesn't give a shit about his men. During a heated discussion the sergeant punches the captain in the choppers and is arrested and sent off to jail. Needless to say he pisses off and heads for the border. The only problem is that now he has to fight both the US army and the Vietcong. Action, torture, killings en masse, explosions, and our hero also finds time to kill a snake with his bare hands! xD Oh, and this probably has the worst ending since THE BIG SILENCE!

My tape is from Greece and altho it's letterboxed it's unfortunately also taken from an old and very scratched print. It's not equally bad all the way thru but there are scenes that are more scratch than film!! But screw that, if you get a chance to get the tape go for it. There's also a Japanese VHS which I'm told is letterboxed (probably fully lbx) but unfortunately I haven't come across that one. I definitely enjoyed the film and wanna watch it again.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a trailer or any clips from TORNADO nor anything from TIGER JOE so here's the trailer for THE LAST HUNTER.

And finally, here's the HK trailer for THE LAST BLOOD. Check it out!


  1. I have that release of Hard-Boiled 2 :) I guess they retitled it so because of the hospital-scene. I remember it to be a quite decent action flick, and very violent. Is it out on dvd?

  2. No, it was commonly known Eastern Heroes changed film titles left and right to make them more commercial. John Woo's Hard-boiled was a hit so they needed a sequel. The hospital scene was coincidental. And yes there's a cheap dvd in HK. I have both that UK tape and the dvd. :D

  3. I never understood this changing title-stuff. The audience can't be SO stupid?

  4. I'm sure there would have been little newcomers to the genre who thought "Hard-boiled 2" were really a sequel to "Hard-boiled". And wondered where Chow Yun Fat's character was, LOL.

    I guess part of it was also because Eastern Heroes weren't happy with the original titles; For instance "New Kids in Town" was changed to "New Killers in Town" probably because EH thought "New KIDS..." sounded too silly or not tough enough.

  5. TORNADO was released in SPain under the title of CAZA EN VIETNAM ( Hunt in Vietnam)


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