Sunday, 31 January 2010

TOUGH COP (1988)


VHS/Japan/fullscreen/English audio/Japanese subtitles

Does this one belong here? It's from the Philippines but it's about a guy who returns from the Vietnam War!! LOL.

I lifted all the info from Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys:

(F. Puzon Film Enterprises)

Director Dominic Elmo Smith
Writer Bobby A. Suarez
Producers Pierre C. Lee, Conrad C. Puzon
Cinematography Jun Pereira

Cast “Rom”/Romano Kristoff (Det. Nick Carpenter)
“Jimi B. Jr”/Jimmy Bridges (Detective Pete Logan)
Kenneth Peerless (Fatcat)
Mel Davidson (Allan)
“Michael”/Mike Monty (Chief Caruso)
Anthony East (Carter)
Ingrid Erlandson (Stella)
Frank “Judas”/Juhas (Scar Face)
Warren McLean (Lt. Quinn)
[uncredited] Eric Hahn (Police officer)

[NOTE: Bobby A. Suarez disowns the script, and claims producer “Boy” Puzon stole it from him]

Review from the Trash-Online catalogue:
Beautiful, uncut print of this rare Filipino-produced film shot in the US. Romano Kristoff is Nick Carpenter, a former Vietnam vet who uses brutal methods to fight crime. Along with his black partner (who likes to...meow!- yes, MEOW!) he goes after Fat Cat (the late Kenneth Peerless of PHANTOM RAIDERS), a ruthless drug lord. When the fat guy kidnaps Carpenter's girlfriend, Nick puts on his commando outfit once again and gets ready for some serious action! TOUGH COP cleverly switches from cop film to explosive actioner, having shades of MIAMI VICE, COMMANDO and MISSING IN ACTION! Damn, there is even a brief appearance by a ninja! If you enjoy eastern films that desperately try to look American ending up being ultra-cheesy you must try this! They just don't make them so trashy anymore! From the maker of GET THE TERRORIST.


  1. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a copy, please - preferrably converted to DVD.
    My wife has just told me she had a small part in this movie: geting knocked down by a car and rolling over the bonet!!!!

    Please email me:

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    What a coincidence! I received TOUGH COP a few days ago as part of a big pack of video tapes from Japan, and I've actually just finished watching the movie before turning on the computer only to see your comment!!

    Anyway, your info is very interesting, and yes there is a scene with a woman being hit by a car and rolling over the bonnet. However, I'm surprised to hear the "woman" is actually a... woman. Because after she is hit she gets up again and starts running away and it turns out she's actually a male purse snatcher in a wig.

    But I guess they must have let a real woman, your wife, roll over and then switch to a male actor when "she" starts to run.

    Anyway, I'm only aware of the film having had ONE single release anywhere; i.e. the aforementioned VHS in Japan. I would love to do you a copy but unfortunately I don't have the equipment to copy from NTSC. However, you can buy a bootleg DVD (also sourced from a Japanese tape) from a company called Trash-online. Their DVDs are cheap and the owner (Lefteris) is a big fan of these movies. You'll find the film in the Filipino section. Needless to say I'd love to hear more about your wife's story so I'll drop you an email.

    The full address for the online DVD shop is:


  3. Hope i can find a copy! Should be a killer flick!

  4. I would offer you a copy if I could but unfortunately I can't copy from NTSC vhs.

    As mentioned in the above you can get a boot from Trash-online. Their address has changed and is now:


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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