Wednesday, 10 February 2010

One Armed Executioner and Cleopatra Wong on DVD soon(ish)

The past couple of years we've been awaiting the US reg. 1 DVD release of ONE ARMED EXECUTIONER and THEY CALL HER... CLEOPATRA WONG. Both films are directed by Bobby A. Suarez who unfortunately passed away on Monday. ONE ARMED has never been out on official DVD and although CLEO is out on a DVD in South Africa from the low-key (to say the least, they don't even have a webpage) one-man video label Global it is now OOP and difficult to find. However, forget about that release because now there's a new proper release on its way from Dark Sky. Over on Dvdmaniacs Todd Wieneke from that label mentioned to me today that he hopes the two films will be released around August or September of this year. Sounds good! I don't know if the two films are going to be release as separate releases or on one disc. I seem to remember it being mentioned at some point that it was gonna be just one release which would contain both films. But don't quote me on that one and in any case it's good news regardless of it being separate releases or not.

VHS Cover scans from top:
CLEOPATRA: Australia (a very very rare letterboxed VHS)
ONE ARMED: Germany (click scan for full size),
ONE ARMED: USA (front and flipside)


  1. Hi Jack J

    The USA release of They Call Her Cleopatra Wong and One Armed Executioner will be around October.

  2. Hey Richard,

    Thanks for the info. I'm certainly looking forward to that release!

  3. Hi Guys,

    Finally They Call Her Cleopatra Wong and One Armed Executioner is out on the market.

    It includes the first and only TV interview of Bobby A. Suarez.

    I hope you will enjoy the movies and the bonus features...

  4. Thanks! Who are you? Are you from the company or is that you, Andrew? LOL. Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm across the pond so I've been keeping an eye on Amazon UK to see when it becomes listed (usually it takes a bit longer for reg. 1 DVDs to get listed on Amazon UK than on I've just this minute discovered that they've listed it now so that's pretty kewl! :D

  5. i just put screen shots of Dark Sky disc (only OAE) in my blog, , the print is just stunning. Cleopatra was ok, but to me it seemed like a very very good extra feature. I ordered it from with couple of other discs so postage was ok. now have this Super Saver Delivery(orders over 25£ = free delivery) also to Finland (and Norway) which is pretty welcome feature.

  6. Thanks for that piece of info, I hadn't realised the free shipping (which I'm sure people in Norway are gonna enjoy, but I don't live there, Argh! I'm in the sunny south of Scandinavia! Not that it makes that much of a difference, LOL).

  7. Sorry about that. Free shipping also to home of Lego.


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