Sunday, 23 May 2010

Awesome tip: fully letterboxed Japanese version of TIGER JOE!!

You can thank me later!!!
"Spiralheadcase" (an Englishman and legendary eBay'er living in Japan) has Antonio Margheriti's brilliant Vietnam War movie TIGER JOE up for auction. This very entertaining movie isn't released on DVD and this Japanese VHS is by far the best release there is! I have a copy myself and also a Danish somewhat letterboxed release and there's just NO comparison what so ever!!! This tape isn't SOMEWHAT letterboxed but FULLY letterboxed! Oh, did I mention it stars good ol'e David Warbeck! The auction runs for another 6 days and so far no-one's made a bid. Go here.

EDIT!!! I've just discovered an eBay seller in Sweden has the Japanese tape of Lamberto Bava's awesome BLAST FIGHTER at a buy now price of 8 (eight!) measly dollars!! Here. If I didn't already have two copies I'd buy it right away!! O_O


  1. I saw that today as well...awesome. And this tape of Tiger Joe is totally worth a good sized bid for any EuroAction fan!

  2. Hi Jack

    The Mercs DVD box set has this in WS, with burned in Japanese subtitles.


  3. You're right, David.
    And thanks, Karlos, that's useful info to those who aren't lucky enough to win this cool tape (I'll still claim it's not released officially on DVD though as that box gotta be a boot).

  4. Hi Jack

    Yes, I'm sure the legalities of that box set are debatable, to say the least...! :)

    Anyway, you know what to do if you want a DVD copy - just let me know!


  5. Thanks, that's very, very nice of you, Karlos! But this time I don't need a copy as I've already got the Japanese VHS release of TIGER JOE (and actually I've also got a copy of the Danish tape).

  6. Hi Jack

    No's OK, really...sniff...




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