Wednesday, 29 December 2010

THE EXECUTIONER, part 2 - rare trailer

Wauw, check out this awesome trailer for THE EXECUTIONER, PART 2!! It's just been uploaded to YouTube (thanks Diabolik!). The film is about a Vietnam soldier who returns to America and cleans things up. The film is a complete rip off of THE EXTERMINATOR and that's the ONLY reason it's called "part 2". There is no part 1!!! Hahaha. The film company (most likely) hoped people would think this is the real sequel for THE EXTERMINATOR!!

The original film was directed by James Glickenhaus and came out in 1980. This "sequel" (directed by James Bryan) came out in 1984. Incidentally, an official sequel was also released the same year, THE EXTERMINATOR 2 (dir by Mark Buntzman).

Unfortunately, none of the sequels (official and non-official) are released on DVD. And to worsen things even further, the UK VHS is cut to shreds and the US tapes carry the cut R rated print. The old Danish ex-rental tape is uncut (and the Dutch tape is most likely uncut too).

And further cuts; the UK VHS release of THE EXECUTIONER 2 is also cut (even tho the BBFC homepage states they didn't cut it so the cuts probably were done before the film was submitted for classification). Someone I knew yrs back, and who saw the film when it came out, said there are two short scenes missing from the UK tape.

Anyway, watch the trailer, it's pretty good!


  1. I have the American VHS for this & it really is a train wreck of a movie. Great Grindhouse feel, but the quality of the print is dark & choppy & definitely evidence of not being the full version, or perhaps more likely an incomplete movie thrown together with sloppy editing. A real shame as a half decent show of love & the release could go down as a 'B' movie video issue classic.

  2. Too bad with many of these movies being is such bad shape or not available! I was just watching a bit of Shaw Brothers' present day revenge flick LADY EXTERMANATOR on a very bad bootleg that was filmed off a cinema screening somewhere in the Middle East, and it's just a crime the film isn't available.

    Thanks for the scan.

  3. The weird woman playing the lead in this movie is also the producer. She wrote a book about lowbudget-movie making, and it would be interesting to read it to see if she writes anything about this production.

  4. Hmm, yeah could be interesting. Thanks, Fred.

  5. I read a couple of short articles about Exterminator 2 & The Executioner Part 2 in a Swedish video magazine some time in the early/mid-1980s.
    Before it was made, Exterminator 2 was promoted with big posters and standees at the AFM: a man wearing a helmet and wielding a flamethrower. Then The Executioner Part 2 was released on video in Sweden - and featured that very same image on the sleeve! And there was nothing like it in the movie itself. When Exterminator 2 finally was made, it had different artwork.
    Now, this magazine claimed that the guy who was going to make the official sequel to The Exterminator for some reason couldn't make it in the end. I don't remember why. However, he kept his poster art and his screenplay, and filmed it as The Executioner Part 2.
    I've absolutely no idea if this is true or not, but fact is that Exterminator 2 was promoted with what became The Executioner Part 2 artwork.
    A friend of mine calls The Executioner Part 2 "A movie about a man who sweats a lot".

  6. Hey there, Pidde!
    Hmm, interesting. I've never heard any of that before. Thanks for the info. These films need DVD releases!

  7. Maybe I should point out that one article was accompanied by a photo of the Exterminator 2 poster, featuring the soon to be Executioner 2 artwork. That's why I know this story is at least part true.
    Btw, The Executioner Part 2 seems to be PD; it's available on YouTube Movies.

  8. Thanks again for the info. If you ever find that article again I'd love to see a scan of the poster.

    The fact that the film is on YouTube doesn't necessarily mean it's PD. A lot of illegal stuff is on YT. A while back I saw a rip of a complete film from one of Mondo Macabro's DVDs on YouTube. They certainly didn't approve of that. Don't get me wrong, I love YouTube and use it all the time but I'm just saying these films may not all be in the PD area.

  9. Yeah, a lot of illegal stuff is on YouTube, but I meant it's in YouTube's official movie department. That usually means it's there legally.


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