Sunday, 19 December 2010

SIX SOLDIERS (South Africa/Suid-Afrika, 1974)

aka MERCENARY COMMANDOS (vhs, Australia)

I've just won this South African war flick on eBay. I don't really know much about it but I watched another South African war movie, THE STICK, a little while ago and that one is juust fan-tastic so if this one is anyway near as good I'm certainly not gonna regret the 14 bucks the final bid came to!! Check THE STICK here.

Seller's description:

Directed by Bernand Retief and starring Richard Loring, Sydney Chama, Lieb Bester, Ken Hare, Frederich Stark and Barry Trengrove.

Six young men get drafted into the SADF (South African Defence Forces). They have different personalities and respond to their new life in the army in different ways. Their training is hard but realistic and they eventually get their baptism of fire under arduos conditions. On a patrol/recon close to the border (presumably Namibia) they get attacked by terrorists and then hunted like prey while trying to get back to base and warn their fellow countrymen of the oncoming threat.

Original TCC label release - 96 mins approx - full screen - mono.

VHS / Australia [click for full size]

Big thanks goes out to Frank of Australian Video Covers blog for this awesome scan!


  1. I like this movie even though its not an over the top type of war film, and have the Australian VHS under the title MERCENARY COMMANDOS.
    Its cool in the old school way but anyone expecting something like STRIKE COMMANDO will be disappointed!

  2. G'day Aussie Video Cover guy!

    I can only agree with you. I like it too but no, it's not on par with a lot of the other films here in regards to wildness or craziness. Thanks for the info, I'll add the Aussie title.

    Thanks for your comment, and don't be a stranger. :D

  3. G'day Jack, thanks for your reply too and may i say what a fantastic site you have!Im a big action fan but my knowledge really only goes to the American and Italian war trash so this place is an invaluable source of information! Thanks again and ill be posting comments on all the films i have seen on here!

    BTW(And sorry for shamelessly plugging my blog)but i have over 1500 Australian VHS scans up, there's lots of Action and War films in there including stuff like DOG TAGS, SPYDER, FINAL MISSION etc. Please feel free to use the scans for for your site if you so wish mate.


  4. Thanks, mate. You're too kind. And I'm really too lazy, haha. Half of the entries here still aren't reviewed properly (or at all). But for the exact same reason I'm always happy when readers send me scans of their rare video tapes (or info on new DVD releases. Those are sadly all too few when we talk about trashy war flicks. And these films on blu-ray is almost an urban legend!).

    Plug away, no worries! And thanks heaps for the offer to use your scans. I'll certainly have a look or two.

    Cheers ears.

  5. Cheers mate! Well i really enjoy this site, it blows my mind sometimes just how much obscure stuff is out there so thanks again for putting all the time and effort into it.
    Ill post links to scans you don't have up,

  6. That's really good. Thanks again. I'll certainly post them.

    And anybody else reading this for that matter: If you've got full size scans of the films on this site please feel free to post them to me and I'll post them. Altho I do post eBay scans myself I'm not all that interested in those from readers. Just full size scans, thanks. Oh, and send me some money too. I'm skint! LMFAO

  7. Hey Frank,
    I've just noticed ALL your scans are gone from your blog!? What's going on, are you gonna upload them somewhere else? Or is your blog dead for good? Too bad if that's the case, you had tons of great stuff.


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