Friday, 3 December 2010

Yet another chance to own your very own Japanese PHANTOM SOLDIERS vhs

If you haven't got hold of PHANTOM SOLDIERS yet here's one more chance. Another copy of the Japanese VHS is up for auction and it runs one more day. :D

Right now there's also another Teddy Page war flick on eBay; A Portuguese VHS of FIREBACK! According to the seller's page the tape is in English with Portuguese subs. Buy now price: Approx $40. Go here.

And the same Portuguese seller is also selling the original poster for TIGER JOE. $16. Go here.

The usual disclaimer: I have nothing to do with anything in reg. to these auctions blah blah blah...


  1. Fireback looks good Jack, have you seen it?

    The seller also has Cobra Mission and a betamax of Tornado!

  2. I saw those but was too tired to make links. I went straight to bed after that post. Haha. Thanks the the tip.

    FIREBACK; sorry, no I haven't. I have it in my collection but still haven't watched it as I've been dreading it ever since Lefteris from Trash-online called it "unwatchable" in the Filipino thread on Dvdmaniacs, LOL. Whenever I do get to watch it it may very well turn out I love it, that's how it goes sometimes. What I love you might dislike and visa-versa.

  3. Gee, PHANTOM SOLDIERS went for $7.50!!

  4. That's just insane! Oh well I'm happy with what I paid for it, it's a classic!


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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