Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More awesome Japanese tapes up for "grabs" from BBB*

*Ballistic Blood Bullets' Paul Cooke!
This time he's got THESE babies up for auction: Exterminators Of The Year 3000, Raiders Of The Golden Triangle, Enzo Castellari's Striker, The Hard Way (Miles O'Keeffe), Cross Mission, and definitely NOT least (but with the lowest starting price); Arizal's über awesome no-holds-barred Indonesian wildman of a film: FINAL SCORE starring Chris Mitchum. It's definitely one of my own fave Indo flicks. For Paul's auction page go here and for Paul's comments about it all go here. There's three days to go.

FINAL SCORE trailer:


  1. Thak you as always for your support Jack.
    Now what the entire Blogging community needs to know is how on Earth did you keep your role in Exterminators Of The Year 3000 from us all for so long ?. Check out the insert cover image & Star appearance at Ballistic Blood Bullets in the header banner ... It's Jack ... minus the paper bag !!! :) . Paul

  2. You're welcome.

    They short-changed me on the dollar so I thought bugger this and have refused to talk about it ever since. LOL.

    New blog, ay? Cool.

  3. Exterminators Of The Year 3000 is actually a pretty darned good entry in the Mad Max Italian clone Post Nuke genre. It's a movie I rewatched recently & really enjoyed more than I actually recalled from many, many years ago of first watching. Great to have this particular version in Widescreen too. A Great collectors item.
    Sorry to hear that you were short changed on the shoot Jack, but I hear Big George Eastman took a shine to you & was talking about a New Barbarians sequel !?.
    New Blog indeed, just wanted something to fly with that I can just run with as I like without spending hours as I sometimes do on BBB perfecting Reviews. Don't get me wrong I love that, but also having the ability to just sit in front of a keyboard & write like Twittering appealed, and so was born my Twitter Blog - all things Movie & TV Show related. Hope to have Fun running with it on a pretty much daily basis.

  4. Final Score is simply great!!!!. I remember Mike Abbott talked to me when we met in Hong Kong about the shooting of this movie in Indonesia, It was a big budget for this kind of movies, great salaries, nice hotels...etc etc. He & Chris Mitchum became very good friends. I have a behind camera picture of Final Score where Mike Abbott is taking a nap & Chris Mitchum is playing chess.

  5. Jesus Manuel, that is so true!!! FINAL SCORE and the other Indo film that Chris did, LETHAL HUNTER, are so AWESOMELY ENTERTAINING you're almost going to burst!!!

    That photo: Have you posted that on your blog? I don't think I've seen it.

  6. Paul, I should watch Exterminators Of The Year 3000 at some stage soon too. I have it on a Danish ex-rental tape (hmmm, and I thiink also on a Dutch tape, not sure. Too many tapes, haha). Would love that Japanese tape but there's got to be a limit somewhere (even if one hates it).

  7. Mines a Lovely WIDESCREEN version though Jack, it would be perfect for Jack J. Towers ;) .
    Go on, go for it, invite Big Ape round for tea & have a Post Nuke party :) .
    Lethal Huner & Final Score with Chris Mitchum are both Excellent quality on the Japanese Tapes. Love both these films & have a passion for Chris Mitchum super armed to the hilt motor bike flicks.

  8. There's an interview with Chris Mitchum on Andrew's blog in which Mitchum mentions that after SUMMERTIME KILLER they always wanted him to ride a bike, LOL.

    I wish someone would put out an English friendly version of the Spanish print of SUMMERTIME KILLER. It's 20 minutes longer than the international print!! It's on DVD in Spain but only with its dub en Español.

  9. The Spanish DVD of summertime killer is also sold out!!!!!!. My original was broken during my trip from Spain to the Philippines & now I can't find it anymore...not even in used dvd stores, not even for downloading!!!!
    As you said it is dubbed into Spanish but the dubbing work is excellent, really excellent.

    The pic is not yet on the blog...I will post it soon. I am preparing now a special entry about the 4 Lais ( Terry Lai, George Lai, Joseph Lai and, and...Bobby A. Suarez who was related to them in many ways!!!!!)

  10. You lost it!! @_@
    That's too bad. Hopefully there'll be a re-release at some point.

    The "4 Lais"! Cool!


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