Tuesday, 3 May 2011

IN GOLD WE TRUST (Thailand/France, 1991)

I'd just like to send out a big thank you to the anonymous reader who only a few days ago left a comment to the DARK DAY EXPRESS post and pointed out this film to me (because Christoph Kl├╝ppel from EXPRESS and MISSION HUNTER) is in it. Incidentally David Z (co-author of the "Tough to Kill" book) had the Japanese VHS release of the film up for eBay auction. I just won that auction! Very happy! Check the cool trailer! Thanks once again, mate! Whoever you are.

Info from David Z's page:

Rare Thai Action of the early 90s
Directed by P. Chalong
Starring Jan Michael Vincent and Sam Jones with Sherrie Rose

Action as only P. Chalong can produce...wild and crazy setpieces and American stars collide in a tale of Gold Raiding commandos blowing up swarms of enemies. From the director of H-Bomb and S.T.A.B.!

VHS / Argentina / fullscreen / English audio / Spanish subs

Thanks to Christian of RaroVHS blog for the Argentine scan.


  1. "From the director of H-Bomb and S.T.A.B.!" Hahaha. I have to see these movies. Incidentally I just won Ten Zan from his auctions, very happy about that! North Korean Zagarino action!

  2. Good for you I'm kinda skint cos I was thinking about that TEN ZAN too!! Haha.

    There's no DVD for H-BOMB but I hope Fortune Star in HK are gonna put it out as they have already put it out a lbx version on VCD. I posted screen grabs here.

  3. Here is the Argentina release: http://www.rarovhs.com.ar/2011/05/in-gold-we-trust-cine-tailandes.html

  4. Awesome! Thanks, Christian! :D

  5. This is out on Thai VCD as Thong 4 - In Gold We Trust. The other ones I have seen around on the net are Thong 1, Thong 2 - Commando Gold, and Thong - Part.7

    Who knows how many there are.


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