Friday, 20 January 2012

Rare GET VICTOR CORPUS vhs found

Jayson over at Basement of Ghoulish Decadance blog has just found a rare American NTSC video release of the equally rare Filipino film GET VICTOR CORPUS. Awesome. Congrats, mate. To read Jayson's post and check the cover scan go here.

And thanks to Jayson for the link (to my other blog).

Below, my Greek VHS of the film.


  1. Greek Video Import companies did it again! Chrisma Video Ltd Fuck! There was a time in Greece that every guy with a few money on the side started a company like this and bought rights to imports films. In fact some of them never paid for rights (greek way)! As for the movie never seen it. But the greek tagline says "The biggest Manhunt in Army's history"...Sounds ok!

  2. Oh i forgot. Because i am doing a big Vietnam War Movies tribute with over 45 films i will make some chapters of it about the Italian and Philippine productions about it. Because i have watched a number of them not over 10 or 12, i would like to now if there is a long distance shot about one made by Italians or Philippinos that is based on a true battle or a true story of the war.

    Can you help?


  3. Yeah, I've gotten to know about the huge mass of Greek VHS labels! It was amazing what came out in Greece!

    About a Filipino film that tells a true story from the war; Well, actually GET VICTOR CORPUS is the story about the real life revolutionary Victor Corpus. But I guess you can't use that as he was a revolutionary in the Philippines, not in the Vietnam War. I'm sorry to say this but I don't actually think I know of ANY Filipino (or Italian) films that tell true stories about the Vietnam War. They are all fictional pieces of work.

  4. Ok. Thanks Jack. Ι knew it was a long shot but you have seen tons of them and i only a dozen and i had to know. After all you are the "go to" guy! Thanks again.

    Another funny part about the Greek VHS labels is that some of them used the same address in their corporate info. When they went bankrupt or when they got trouble about rights they just changed the name of the label...


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