Saturday, 23 June 2012

Overlooked and Ignored on home ground - but the Swedes love us!

In the past couple of weeks there's been much media focus on a new film festival right here in my own backyard called Filippinsk Film Festival. It's not all that obvious from the info on this blog but I'm located in Denmark (a small country in the south of Scandinavia - and in the north or Europe!).

The reason I'm mentioning this new film festival is that it's entirely devoted to Filipino cinema. However, you don't get a prize for guessing that it's not devoted to the kind of COOL and RAD Filipino cinema what you and I are into. Nope. No insane Filipino Vietnam action! So why mention the festival at all?? Uhh, in the wurds of miss Allen to have a little whine and a moan, haha. No, not really. I'm just a bit curious as to why we're being so totally and utterly ignored by the people behind this new Filipino film festival.

I would assume they know about this website. The mere fact that the ONLY site IN THE WORLD to fully concentrate on Filipino Vietnam war movies is from the same country as they are ought to have made them just a wee bit interested. Show some unity or some shit like that. Someone suggested they might not know about this here site but I don't buy that.

When the Stockholm Film Festival in Sweden ran a feature on Filipino cinema a couple of years back they had no problems finding this blog. They invited me to their festival and they've kept sending invites ever since. They invited me to their press section at the Cannes Film Festival for crying out loud! But this local film fest in my own backyard? Nada. Not a mention. Not an invite. Not a hello. Not anything. I didn't expect a fucking limo to pick me up or VIP treatment (although an intro a la this would have been nice: "and before we introduce tonight's film let us just have a round of applause for the creator of 'When the Vietnam...' without whom the Filipino film industry would have been buried and forgotten long ago", hahaha). Recognition would've been enough.

I wrote to them via their Facebook-page and received a blank stare. I'm rolling on the floor laughing here cos this is so typically Danish. They're in the same country as When the Vietnam War Raged... in the Philippines and yet they choose to ignore that - most likely cos theirs are serious films; The *new wave* of Filipino films. It's not important - but I just don't understand the attitude. If they're so into Filipino cinema that they'll go to the extent of putting up an entire film festival to honour these films I really don't comprehend why they would ignore the only website entirely devoted to Filipino war movies (one that's even located in their own fucking backyard).

Oh well, most of my readers are in the USA and elsewhere anyway so it's not like it makes much of a difference. I'm sure their festival is a mighty fine one and I wish them well. But needless to say I'm sure you realise I'd take a Ron Kristoff film any day over anything new. ^_^

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