Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Longer edits of RAMBO 4 and THE EXPENDABLES

No need to mention it, cabron; I'm fully aware that neither RAMBO (aka Rambo 4) nor THE EXPENDABLES are Filipino films or even set in the Vietnam War ... but they're great fun so they need to be mentioned here! LMFAO.

RAMBO 4 is probably the best 1980s action movie made after the 80s (that's actually Fred Adelman's line and not mine - but I fully agree) and altho THE EXPENDABLES is less good (and less gory!) it's still a fun and trashy action film.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to draw your attention to both film having now been released on blu-ray in longer versions; RAMBO 4 is an "extended cut" (the original version was already the director's cut so I guess they can't use THAT monicker to sell the new version, haha) and THE EXPENDABLES is the "extended director's cut".

Unfortunately, neither of the two new versions are released on DVD but ONLY on blu-ray!! And that sucks ass if you're me cos I still don't have a blu-ray player. I already buy films in about every format ever known to man (vhs, betamax, video2000, dvd, video-cd, laserdisc, floppydisc, whathaveyadisc and I'm not sure there's room enough for yet another player in the shoebox I call a home. ^_^.

For the new versions on Amazon.com go here for RAMBO and here for EXPENDABLES.


  1. Rambo 4 was by far the goriest action film in the last 20 years. The level of violence and realism (bullet entry etc) are perfect. As for the Expendables is already a classic, but the 2nd one it's better by far.

    One thing i dont understand is the difference between Extended Cut of Rambo and the director's cut. The theatrical version had a scene where a burma soldier runs a spear into a kid, and in the director's cut this wasn't in it. It's a bit confusing if they dont make a scene per scene comparison for the new cut.

  2. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the Extended Cut of RAMBO yet (nor EXPENDABLES 2) but I read somewhere that Sly wasn't happy with some of the CGI effects in the original and that's why he took it out.

  3. Cool blog. "Fist of B-List" linked it, and I'm digging all the Filipino/Vietnam flick love.

    I own the Extended Cut of RAMBO. More character moments, compared to the lean-and-mean Theatrical, but a couple violent moments were trimmed or deleted (like the speared kid Snake Plissken referenced, and some of the wonkier CGI/effects as Jack J mentioned).

    It's still pretty hardcore, but the tone is slightly changed as a result of the new additions/deletions. Best way I can describe it is that the Theatrical feels more like a sequel to RAMBOs 2 and 3 (emphasis on body count), while the Extended is a little closer to a FIRST BLOOD feel. I prefer the Theatrical because of its faster pace and over-the-top violence. Truth is, though, that if the extended had been the version we saw in theaters, the reaction would be pretty much the same.

    There's a site called movie-censorship.com that has detailed analysis on both the RAMBO and EXPENDABLES extended cuts, to whet your appetite with until you see them on Blu.

  4. Hey EFC,

    Thanks for your comments and kind words about the blog. Yeah, I did actually think I'd probably like the old version of RAMBO better but, still, I'd love to see the new version (and eventually also the longer cut of THE EXPENDABLES and its sequel).

    And thanks once again to "Fist of B-list" for linking. I've actually got a link to his site on one of my other blogs. ^_^


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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