Thursday, 6 December 2012

Latest acquisitions: MISSING IN ACTION 2 & 3

I finally pulled my finger out my ass and ordered MISSING IN ACTION 2 and 3!! It's typical I complain about most of these films not being on DVD and then when some of them are widely available I just let them sit there at the store for months on end. Argh! Me so stupid. Hahaha. Anyhoo, I did my homework and made sure to get DVD's that are presented in the films' original aspect ratio. Quite a few of the DVD releases of these films are in fullscreen. I got the UK DVD for MISSING IN ACTION 2 and the Italian release for BRADDOCK - MISSING IN ACTION 3 (don't worry, it is indeed English friendly). You can get them via Amazon UK here and here (and you can check DVD releases at DVDCompare).

trailer for MIA 3:

You can check trailers for the two first entries in the trailer section in the bar to the right.


  1. - Dont step on toes Braddock!

    - I dont step on toes, i step on necks!

    I think MIA2 it's hands down the best of the bunch. It was supposed to be the first in the series, but they decided to go with the "going back to Nam" theme for the first one. Anyway i think you got a good deal getting the dvd's.

    Have you checked John Woo's: "Bullet In The Head" (1990)? Watched it last night, the whole movie is about three Hong Kong hoodlums, trying to get rich in the middle of the Vietnam war. It's not a "war" flick, but it has plenty of "war" action once they encounter the V.C etc. It even has a P.O.W situation.

  2. MIA part one & three were shot on locations in the Philippines while Part 2 was shot in Mexico. A Spanish TV Channel broadcasted the Missing in Action part 2 making of at the end of the 80' was very nice programme!

  3. @Snake,
    I certainly look forward to getting them! :D

    Bert Spoor was in #1 and 3 (as Jesus Manuel mentions they were filmed in the Philippines). He is on my facebook friend list and at some point he mentioned how he and some of the other extras were lying on top of the plane to rock it back and forth to make it look like they were flying (crashing or whatever) in the third film. LOL. He also mentioned that the "son" in the film died way too young in real life when he was 21.

    Yes, I'm very familiar with BULLET IN THE HEAD and it is indeed one of my favourite John Woo films. It must be well over 20 yrs since I first watched it on some wobbly VHS dupe. LOL. Thanks for the recommendation and yes I think it's a very good film. When you think of it the whole premise of the film is "out there", I mean here we have a bunch of friends to have to escape f-r-o-m Hong Kong t-o Vietnam during the war!! Talk about being caught between a hard place and a rock! O_O

    Woo also made the war movie HEROES SHED NO TEARS (aka Sunset Warrior) and Tsui Hark directed a prequel to Woo's two A BETTER TOMORROW films. ABT3 is also set in the Vietnam war (alto it isn't a war flick as such). I haven't seen HEROES for a VERY long time but remember it as being quite okay. ABT3 is good and I like it a lot but I must confess I'm probably on my own with that one as most fans of ABT 1 & 2 don't like it all that much (not enough guns and too much dialogue, LOL. I don't mind tho).

    @Jesus Manuel,
    Thanks for the info, mate. I think I watched some of that programme at some stage but my lack of Spanish skills made it hard to follow. I wonder if that "Making of" was released or broadcast in English?

    Thanks for your comments, fellas.


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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