Sunday, 22 March 2009



[VHS/Holland/fullscreen/English dub/Dutch subs]
(click scan for a bigger size)

Altho the cover and retitle for this release (identical cover to the German VHS) is made out to look like a sequel to the entertaining Swedish lowbudget movie WAR DOG (released in Germany as WARDOG) it clearly isn't the case. :-)

Thanks to Harm of Cinehound forum for this scan.

VHS/Japan/format?/English dub/Japanese subtitles

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Bikini girls with machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.