Friday, 8 May 2009

A bucketful of new bloody scans

I've now got ten tons of new cool scans. Not just tiny crappy eBay scans but some big muthers!!!

The new ones are:

Blackfire NL + 2 UK vhs covers
Commando Invasion NL + German
Crossbone Territory Thai poster
No Dead Heroes Jap, NL, Greek covers
Fireback NL + Swedish covers
Forgotten Warrior NL cover
Leathernecks NL + US covers
Intrusion: Cambodia NL cover + poster
Final Mission UK cover
Heroes for Hire NL cover
Hell Raiders NL + Greek covers
Jungle Rats NL cover
Jungle Wolf NL cover
Killer Instinct NL + UK covers
Kris Commando NL cover
Slash NL + UK covers
Rescue Team Jap. vhs

These are just the first ones, keep an eye on this post as I'll be uploading many more soon.

Big thank-yous go out to Sergeant Rock, Djponey, Gourmetsentai, Petcor80, Kothar, and Patrick B from Cinehound message board who all helped provide this new batch of very cool covers. Thanks mates!!!


  1. Why didn't you tell me you needed some Leathernecks stuff :) Hehe.

    I'll send you another picture right now. Not the best picture, but it will do I think.

  2. Btw. This is not a big muther! It's a tiny crappy eBay scans. hehe. Still want it?

  3. Sure I do. Absolutely! Cheers.


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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