Thursday, 25 February 2010


VHS/Denmark/fullscreen/English dub/Danish subs/international version/uncut

I just discovered Knetan (aka Kenneth Brorssan) from the overly cool So good... Hong Kong movie reviews web site posted the "acid scene" on YouTube. He's taken it from the awesome letterboxed Japanese print. So if you haven't seen the film do check it out here!

Btw, I'm told this is the scene which is cut on the German DVD (and most likely also on the UK disc. If any of you have info on the UK disc it'd be cool if you'd post it here. Cheers).

EDIT: thanks to blog reader Karlos I can now confirm the UK disc is indeed cut in the acid scene. Check the commentary section.

There's an entry for the film here.

PS: if you're squeamish you might not wanna watch this; it's pretty gory!.


  1. A real favorite film of mine...and that scene is amazing!! I wonder if I posted a review on my blog at some point as well. I had the German disc and it was cut-I lucked out and found one of those Japanese tapes as well.

  2. I didn't mention it but I have a copy of the Japanese (and Danish) tape as well and yeah it IS good looking. :D

    Do you know about the UK disc? I assume it's cut (but in this day and age you never know with the BBFC).

  3. Hi Jack

    I'll have to check but I think this scene is intact in the UK disc.

    Also on there in full is the "rat on fire" scene - guess someone at the BBFC was having a nap when this once was submitted!!


  4. Wauw, sounds like the UK disc might very well be uncut then. The BBFC are usually very stick about scenes with cruelty to animals. I still rememeber the lame cut in Deep Red (i.e. the "lizard scene").

    But which format is the disc? Lbx or FS?

  5. Hi Jack

    It is FS - and not a great print, but perfectly servicable.

    I bought it from eBay a few months back for a whopping £1.99 here:

    One seller is touting it as "uncut", but then, anyone can say that, of course!!


  6. Thanks, Karlos!

    Yeah, you can never be too sure even when you're dealing with good sellers. A little while ago the Video Vortex guy was selling a Danish cut (very cut!) VHS of 2019 AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK as "uncut" and charging something like $80 for it.

  7. Karlos, I found some info about the various UK versions. It seems the DVD is still missing some of the acid scene (although it's no-way near as much as the old VHS):

    From IMDb:
    The 1988 UK Starlite video suffered extensive BBFC cuts of 7 minutes 18 secs with edits to nearly every scene of violence. Among the scenes cut were shots of a burning rat, a water torture scene, a man's slicing his hand apart with a blade, facial blows, a man's stomach being cut, and a scene of a man buried in sand and burnt with acid. The Moonstone DVD was an unofficial release and featured an almost complete print, with the acid scene still heavily cut.

  8. Hi Jack

    I checked the UK disc and it does seem to be 100% uncut, so colour me a bit confused!


  9. Wauw! Thanks for checking it, Karlos!

    So either:

    1) The person on IMDb just assumed it was cut (?)

    2) Or he saw the German disc and figured the UK disc would have the same cut (?)

    3) Or the UK video label either re-released it a second time, this time fully uncut (?)

    4) Or they had originally released it uncut and had to re-release a cut version when the BBFC found out they'd put it out uncut (?)

    How weird! But of course good news as people can now get an uncut DVD release (albeit in a so-so pic FS quality, LOL).

  10. Hi Jack

    Upon closer inspection, I noticed the cut to the prisoner's head (1:21 - to 1:25 in the YT clip) is indeed missing from the UK disc.

    Darn it!!


  11. Arrrggghhhhh, I'm going insane!!!

    LOL. Thanks. And yes: Darn it!!

  12. Did another custom VHS>DVD from the Japanese tape for this movie. Did a bit of colour correction, chroma fixes, a cleaner crop and most noticeably 16:9 enhancement.. I think it turned out pretty good! Check out the screens:

  13. Nice! The screen grabs certainly look cool. I wish someone would release these films on DVD in proper versions. Apparently nobody even knows who the rights owners are.


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