Friday, 5 February 2010

The best trailer on a Friday

Here's a trailer for BATTLE RATS which I just found on YouTube. I actually have the Japanese video release of this but unfortunately the tape was broken when I got it so it needs fixing before I can watch it. Fred Adelman said in his review that "While the acting in BATTLE RATS is some of the worst and stiffest I have seen in recent memory (I was howling with laughter throughout the entire film), the violence is so over-the-top, it makes watching this almost seem like you are having a fever dream". After having watched the trailer I think he's most likely right, LOL.


  1. The main actor of this movie is BRENT GILBERT, a regular face on the IFD action movies along Mike Abbott in titles such as City War Die or Win, The extreme project & so but also in Filmark war movies such as Terminal angels, The undercovers Etc.. when he worked for Filmark he was credited under several pseudonyms but most of time he used to be credited as Brent Rivers. In this Battle rats he is credited as Jack Gilbert.
    He is from new Zealand & after working for joseph Lai & tomas Tang he tried his luck in the Philippines with this movie but after it he went back to his motherland. I thnik someone in HK told me he was working in a radio station in New Zealand.

  2. Hey, gracias for your brilliant info! I really ought to make some info posts on some of these actors who have slipped under the radar again. Unfortunately, I don't think I have any readers in NZ but in the event that I do have a Kiwi reader out there it would be highly appreciated if they could provide any more info on Bret Gilbert's whereabouts. Cheers.


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Bikini girls with machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.