Saturday, 6 February 2010


Ahh, I woke up to having won this on eBay this morning; MISSION MANILLA! Woo-hoo! xD

Not trashy war but from the Philippines none the less. I also made a bid for the Japanese VHS release of RAMBU aka The Intruder but lost out on that one. That's alright though; I basically made the bid so it wouldn't be left on a Japanese (i.e. British in Japan) seller's shelf to gather dust. But if someone else wanted it bad enough to pay 40+ dollars for it I'd say go for it. The cover is crap and the picture is fullscreen. xD. I have a handful of other releases, one of them being the half letterboxed Greek tape but also what I believe is the very best release of the film; the VHS from Belgium! Yes, motherfucken Belgium!! The print is FULLY letterboxed and so knife sharp crisp clear that you'll cut your fingers if you touch the screen while the film is playing!!

Here's the credits for MISSION MANILLA (scooped up from Leavold's blog, obviously). By the way, I'm also aware there is a DVD release of MANILLA in Thailand but I have no knowledge of other DVD releases.

1987 - Mission Manila (Primrose Path Ltd)
[released on Dutch VHS as "Web"]

Director Peter M. Mackenzie Screenplay Peter M. Mackenzie, Sally Marie Hallam Producers Peter M. Mackenzie, Gene Marcus Huggens, Joseph H. Zucchero Executive Producers Guy F. Coombs, Terence K. Osemen, Russell Lousich Music Nicholas Pike Cinematography Les Parrot Editor Drake Silliman Additional Songs David Bluefield, Freddie Aguilar Production Manager Hernan Robles Production Coordinator Jaime de la Rosa Location Manager Norma Japitana First Assistant Director Bobby Greenwood Second Assistant Director Richard Brioso Continuity Monika Heck Secretary Alice S. Garcia Production Assistants Alex Nolte, Randy Gamier, Emmanuel Ignacio, Juliet Santos, Gino Miralles Accountant Mariel Batulan Co-Accountant Nilda De Leon Bookkeeper Eva Vincente Legal Advisor Clarence Stills Roger Robles Videotape Operator Jimmy Corpuz Art Director Ramon Casenillo First Assistant Director Henry Dar Juan Second Assistant Director Ma. Cristina Javelona Carpenters Alberto Mabutol, Joel Adesas, Arnel Gabion Painters Marcial Anorma, Ding Habal, Adolfo Colinayo Key Grip Ding Legaspi Assistant Key Grip Johnny Cecogo Best Boy Ruben Desaresa Grips Alex Santiago, Edgar Argulla, Johnny Adigue Utility Head Aldemar Colegado Utility Cely Oca Goyagoy, Vincente Lagdameo, Medina Banadera SPFX Supervisor Danny Dominguez Armory Nestor Yadao Prop Master Alan Robles Prop Assistants Lordio Ayunan, Pablo Prieto Set Dresser Roberto Habal Assistant Set Dresser Jose 'Pipoy' Reyes Wardrobe Master Romeo Gonzales Wardrobe Assistants Edwin Gonzales, Genaro Brioso Seamstress Marietta Ramos Makeup Violy Manlangit Prosthetic Artist “Cecile”/Cecille Baun Hairdressing Lita Raagas Head Electrician Pepito Mirador Sr Electricians Felipe Caranto, Edwin Manlangit, Ed Manipol, Noel Bernalde Best Boy Pepita Mirador Jr Stunt Coordinator Norberto Ricahuerta Assistant Editors Kerry Michael Tym, “Tim”/Timoteo Bismark Supervising Sound Editor Leland R. Thomas Sound Editors Robert Glenn, Donlee Jorgensen, Mark Roberts Sound Assistant Cathy McKelvey Byrnes ADR Editor Stephen A. Isaacs Foley Walkers Kim Fowler, Duane “Hinsel”/Hensel Re-recording Engineers T.A. Moore Jr, Don MacDougall, Jeff Gomillion Music Engineer Michael Jay Stereo Consultant Bob Weitz Camera Operator “Jun”/Leodigario B. Dalawis Jr Assistant Cameraman “Mel”/Hermel Dapilos Focus Puller Daniel Delina Loader/Lifter Robert Dalawis Clapper “Jun”/Epifanio Moreno Jr Sound “Nitoy”/Juanito Clemente Boomman Florentino Corpuz Cable Boy Mer Argulla Transport Captain Nicolas Arguelles Mechanic Ramon Escano

Cast Larry Wilcox (Web), Robin Eisenman (Susie), Sam Hennings (Tony), Al Mancini (Costelo), Tetchie Agbayani (Maria), Neil French, Maria Isabel Lopez (Jessie), James Wainwright (Harrison), Willie Williams (Luke), Nigel Hogge (Andy), Jack S. Daniels (Sam), Harry Taylor (Danny), Gene Huggens (Leo), Jenny A. Andrada (Jenny), Goliath (Himself), Miniong Acosta (Cesar), Henry “Strykowzki”/Strzalkowski (Guard), Freddie Aguilar (Hobbit House Singer)

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Bikini girls with machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.