Thursday, 18 March 2010

GOLDEN NINJA WARRIOR CHRONICLES: Great new blog on the cut & paste style films from Hong Kong!!!

This is really good news! Regular reader and commentator on this blog, Jesus Manuel, has finally set up his blog about Joseph Lai's IFD company, Tomas Tang's FILMARK, Godfrey Ho, and all those gwilo actors who starred in the inserted sections of the cut & paste films from Hong Kong. Yay, way to go, Jesus Manuel!!

Jesus Manuel originally hails from Spain but is now residing in the Philippines (and no, in contradiction to the other gwilos there he didn't star in trashy war movies, LOL). Those of you who are spaghetti western fanatics are probably also familiar with Danish expert on the genre (and eXtase magazine editor/publisher) Nils Markvardsen. Jesus Manuel and Nils actually met at that old spaghetti western town in Spain where all those films were filmed (whatsitsface?? I forget).

Jesus Manuel in Hong Kong with Mike Abbott

I've known about his upcoming blog for quite a while but had to keep my mouth shut as Jesus didn't wanna let the cat out of the bag too early. Well, now his blog is afloat. At first I must admit I thought it was a liiitle too messy but now he's getting there!! Good job, J-M!! Check out today's post where he's (with Nanarland friends) have interviewed Nathan Chukuake!! Or how about a useful complete filmography on Mike Abbott films!!!

This is going into my link section. But right now: Go here.

I made Jesus Manuel do pix for me of his multo rareo HK VCDs and here's some of them. I can only drool in awe. These VCDs are impossible to find and I don't have ANY of them in original Ocean Shores versions!!! :-(


  1. Hey jack..thanks for promoting my new blog here & your other blog. THANKS SO MUCH.

    I am a very first time begginer blogger so I hope you ( and all possible visitors) may forgive my flaws & mistakes. I have my mind full of ideas & info but my inexperience makes me to expres them in a bit & untidy way or as you rightly say in a messy way. To make things worse my pregnant wife is having some problems these days & I have to take care fo my first baby so till now I have been posting profiles that I already had or information related to IFD / Filmark from other sites.
    Even worse...I have here a bunch of movies for you, Andrew & other friends & I haven't been able to post yet since the doctor is sucking my the beginning of April ( Payment days) I will post them for you & there are some unexpected surprises...some making ofs, some filipino war movies I didn't talk to you about..etc etc..heheheheh

  2. Hey Jesus Manuel,

    No worries mate. Happy if I can be of any help in spreading the gospel if I can.

    And don't worry about making mistakes, we all do. I only mentioned it to make you pay attention to these things. We can either learn from our mistakes or not pay attention to them at all in which case it's difficult to make a better "product".

    I'm so sorry to hear your wife's having problems with her pregnancy. Listen mate, everyone would understand if you didn't do any blog work for a while until things get better. These films are just a hobby, but a pregnant wife is the REAL thing.

    Don't worry about crappy films for now, they're still gonna be here when you get out on the other side. And obviously I am looking forward to whatever you are going to send me but DON'T WORRY about it. When you're ready you're ready. Take your time, amigo.

  3. Hey man
    I love your website and I myself have just discovered this whole new genre of trash cinema via the net. I've been trying to track down films like Final Score, Lethal Hunt, Phantom Soldiers etc etc but the only place I can find them seems to be out of business??

    Is there anywhere else to buy or download these films on your blog?

    Thanks alot and keep up the great site.

  4. Hi Will

    I hope Jack doesn't mind me chiming in here!

    Trash-online is still on the go, as is - both are very reliable sites and I ordered from both of them only last month!!

    Happy hunting!!


  5. Hi there, Will,
    Thanks for your kind words. And nice to see a new face in the Filipino crowd, LOL.

    Sorry but there's no links to download sites on my blog. I haven't been in contact with Lefteris from trash-online for a while but if Karlos ordered from him last month then I'm positive he's still there. I've never actually ordered anything from DigitalConquest but Karlos tells me it's a good place and their selection is impressive!

    "Unfortunately" two thirds of all my Filipino war flicks are on Japanese VHS which I can't copy from (as it's NTSC and I'm in PAL country) otherwise I might have considered offering copies on the blog. Anyhoo, as Karlos said: happy hunting!


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Bikini girls with machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.