Friday, 9 April 2010

No Blood No Surrender star Palito in hospital

Recently, I did a short review of NO BLOOD NO SURRENDER which stars Filipino actor/comedian Palito and tonight I've just discovered this news bit from Filipino TV posted on Nick Nicholson's blog. I don't speak Tagalog but it doesn't look very good. If anybody who speaks Filipino could translate the basic contents I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

EDIT: Check Nick Nicholson's translation in the comments' section.


  1. Sorry Jack, I forgot to translate. They are sayig he has lung problems and needs a CT Scan. He was transferred from a hospital in Cavite to Philippine General Hospital in Manila. He has been living a hand to mouth existence and needs financial help. So Far Robin Padilla is offering to pay for the CT Scan, but he still needs assistance for other aspects of care. He is in critical condition.

    Thus is the sad plight of a Filipino actor who didn't earn "star rates".

  2. Thanks for your translation, Nick. That's terrible! And sad that even though people like him (and yourself) were in films that were sold in many places overseas that they haven't got more out of it. It's terrible that places like the Philippines can't afford a proper safety net. :-(

  3. Well, Joseph Estrada started a foundation called MOWELFUND. In essence it was supposed to be a welfare fund for all film workers in times of Calamity or those needing medical care.

    The funds were supposed to come from Metro Manila mayors which in turn came from the proceeds of the Manila Film Festivals. However, all the mayors consistently dragged their feet when it came to turning over the funds. Or, they didn't turn over anything at all.

    Estrada had donated a piece of property in Quezon City, that has a film processing lab, function rooms, and a swimming pool. A building that was supposed to house all of our guilds (I was a member of 2. Kapp (actors guild) now called Kappt and the AD/PM Guild)is yet to be finished.

    Too bad the other bigwigs in film weren't as generous as Erap was...

  4. Bad news, Palito just died this morning filipino time.

    Here is the sad news

    He may rest in peace now.

  5. Bloody hell. I've been off-line for a few days and then comes back to this. Not very good. I only ever saw that one film of his (No Blood No Surrender) but it's always sad when someone, anyone, leaves this place. RIP Palito.


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