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Palito passes away at age 76

From ABS-CBN - Monday, April 12

MANILA, Philippines – Veteran comedian Palito passed away Monday morning. He was 76.

Palito, Reynaldo Hipolito in real life, died at 7:05 a.m. at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in Manila after suffering complications from lung problems.

His son, Jhune, said his father was scheduled to undergo a CT scan in a nearby clinic along Taft Avenue in Manila.

A few minutes before they were to leave PGH, however, Jhune said Palito complained of severe pain. A few hours later, Palito was declared dead, the son said.

Palito was rushed to the Imus Family Hospital in Cavite last Tuesday after complaining of severe stomach pain.

Jhune sought the help of his father's celebrity friends, saying the family was in dire need of assistance to finance Palito’s hospitalization.

Palito’s friends immediately heeded Jhune’s appeal. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office also pledged to help the veteran comedian.

“Marami nga pong nagpapaabot ng tulong kahit marami ring nagpapanggap,” informed Jhune.

In a text message, Palito’s youngest son, Kent, thanked all the people who helped and offered their prayers.

Palito’s remains will lie in state at Funeraria Floresco in Pedro Gil in Manila.

He is survived by his wife and 5 children.

Life after fame

Born on Sept. 4, 1934, Palito was best known for his comedy films “Ram-Buto” and “Jones Bone,” which were spoofs of Hollywood characters Rambo and James Bond.

He started his acting career in the 1960s. One of his early movies was “Pitong Zapata” in 1965.

In the beginning, he was cast in straight action films. But because of his thinness, he was groomed as a comedian. His corpse-like mien and zombie look, more often than not, landed him comedy-horror characters.

Life has never been the same for the Hipolitos when Palito became sickly.

After the Hipolitos sold their house in Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna some 6 years ago, they moved to Imus, Cavite for a smaller place.

“Naghahanap pa rin po kaming mga magkakapatid ng trabaho. Pa-sideline-sideline lang po kami,” volunteered Jhune.

Except for his older brother Arvin, who still resides in Laguna, Jhune said his mother and siblings are staying in a low-cost housing subdivision in Cavite. -With a report from ANC

Thanks to Jesus Manuel for the update.

There was a bit of talk about this on Dvdmaniacs and I'll post it here since I'm positive neither Nick nor Andrew will mind. It's just terrible when people try and exploit other peoples' bad situation to get a few bob. :-(

Nick Nicholson:
Evidently, a certain Flor who is the Manager for Rivermaya (local band) had posted a cellphone number for people to contact if they wanted to help. There were a lot of text messages, but no help. Other people were trying to scam people. Sad! so very sad!

Andrew Leavold:
F**kin' scumbags! Filmmaker Khavn de la Cruz is organizing a screening of footage he shot of Palito drumming on an elaborate drumkit made of garbage, and is donating the entire proceeds to Palito's family. Khavn I know, at least HIM I can trust. The event's on Fecebook:

Every time I saw Palito around Quezon City I'd always buy him a cup of coffee and help him out with taxi money - 100 pesos here, 200 there, maybe 500 if he was really hard up. He was literally on the bones of his arse, and STILL other actors would gossip that Palito secretly had a large payout from a production company, and was secretly hoarding everyone's handouts.

I remember the happiest I ever saw him was when I gave him a DVD-R of No Blood No Surrender. He hadn't seen the film since the 80s (he claimed to not own ANY of his films), and had never seen himself dubbed into English. He was a very sweet guy, generous with whatever meager resources he had, a VERY talented conga player, and I'll miss him a lot. Quezon City won't be the same without his wandering bag o'bones.


  1. Just watched NO BLOOD NO SURRENDER for the first time and loved every minute, was doing some research on it and am saddened to hear about Palito's passing away. He totally rocks in that movie and I'm glad to know there's a place here to learn more.

  2. Yes, Palito's last time on Earth wasn't as pleasant as it could have been. He may have graced video covers around the world but he died ill and almost penniless. At least a few fans remember and honour his memory. I don't know if you know this but he actually also did another RAMBO clone movie called JOHNNY RAMBO TANGO (1985). I've never watched it but it's released on Japanese and Spanish VHS (the latter probably dubbed in Spanish).

    Thanks for your comments, mate.


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