Sunday, 20 June 2010

COMMANDO LEOPARD (It/Ger/Swit, 1985)

Original title: Kommando Leopard (Switzerland)

VHS/Japan/lbx/English dub/Japanese subs

Directed By:
Antonio Margheriti

Written By:
Antonio Margheriti
Roy Nelson

Lewis Collins ..... Carrasco
Klaus Kinski ..... Silveira
Cristina Donadio ..... Maria
Manfred Lehmann ..... Padre Julio
John Steiner ..... Smithy
Hans Leutenegger ..... Capitan
Thomas Danneberg ..... José
Francis Derosa ..... Hidalgo
Alan C. Walker ..... Emiliano
Michael James ..... Pater Miguel
Rene Abadeza ..... Hector (as René Abadeza)
Subas Herrero ..... Homoza (as Subas Herrera)

Some reviews state parts of the film were shot in the Philippines but I haven't found out if that's actually correct.


Klaus Kinski interview on the set of COMMANDO LEOPARD:

If I ever become famous I'm gonna wanna give "Kinski style answers" to interviewers, haha. In this interview (in German) he keeps telling the journalist his questions are unnecessary bullshit questions. We need more characters to do that! xD. Also, in the first question the interviewer wants to know if it's easier to shoot war scenes than to do a love scene to which Kinski says "No, it's all the same". The reporter than asks how come Kinski is now doing a Swiss movie to which Kinski says he's gonna work with anybody he's willing to pay him no matter where they are.

Klaus Kinski being annoyed on the set:

COMMANDO LEOPARD is also available on DVD from Anchor Bay UK. The DVD carries both the English and German dub + English subtitles.


  1. I think it's a great little movie with fantastic miniature-work by Margheriti. I'm very sure it was shot in the Philippines.

  2. I love this movie but my favourite is Comando wild Geese that was shot both sites Hong Kong & the Philippines. Besides, some actors who worked for IFD & Filmark like Bruce Baron or Paulo Tocha worked on it.

    Oh, a little warning...I have a little suspiction this dvd could be cut...I have the Spanish dvd edition of Comando Wild Geese thatu used the german transfer & it is CUT...yes, it is cut. there is a scene in a mission where Luciano Pigozzi is cruxified & when our heroes arrive he dies...that shot is missing on the German dvd and since this Pal dvd is from Britain i would bet anyithing some may be cut.

    The spanish VHS were totally uncut as well as the TV editions.

    About commando leopard I have to compare both VHS & DVD versions but as I said above I could bet on it.

  3. Thanks for the info, Fred and Jesus Manuel!

    What a bummer if it turns out to be cut! As I mentioned in my previous post I just won the Japanese tape and I assume it's uncut (the dialogue is in English so I hope it's an uncut English print, not an English dubbed German print). I might still buy the DVD as well to get the extras though.

    And what a coincidence you mention COMMANDO WILDGEESE! I was just about to post about it. :D

  4. Oops, too quick again. I confused COMMANDO WILDGEESE with CODENAME WILDGEESE for a second there. LOL.

  5. comando wild geese is not an aka for codename wildgeese?????I mean the cut dvd is the one starring lee van cleef, kinski, ernest borgnine

    the german dvd as well as the spanish one that used the same transfer is cut

  6. oh, yes yes was shot in the phils, as well as Der Comander & comando wildgeese

    Mike Monti starred in Der comander along lee van cleef who plys the villain & donald pleasance

  7. No no, it's not an aka title. They're two different movies, I just confused the two.

    COMMANDO WILDGEESE = Der Commander (German title)

    CODENAME WILDGEESE = Geheimcode: Wildgänse (German title)

  8. Haha, I see you found the aka titles while I was still looking for them. Have you seen both films?

  9. I consider them a trilogy... starting with CODENAME WILD GEESE ( Comando Patos Salvajes in Spain). My favourite one & cut in its German & Spanish dvd editions

    Comando Leopard ( Comando Leopardo in Spain)..I don't know if cut or not...have to check.

    Der Commander ( Comando Suicida in Spain) starring Lee Van Cleef as the villain, Donald Pleasance & Mike Monti. It was one of the last roles of Lee Van cleef before he died.

    I thought you mistook codename wildgeese with the american movie wildgeese..I also almost got mistaken

    I have all of them on tape & dvd...& I love them all, specilly the first one.

    This trilogy could be completed with Tiger Joe.

  10. If you add one more film it's not a trilogy, LOL.

    But anyway, do you really think TIGER JOE belongs with those three movies? o_O

    I think it makes up a trilogy of its own with LAST HUNTER and TORNADO. David Warbeck is in both TIGER and HUNTER and all three films are set in the Vietnam War. Aren't the WILD GUEESE films set somewhere else?

  11. Well, when I said the trilogy could be completed with Tiger Joe I ment all of them were shot in the Phils closed on time & shared many many technicians & cast....same happened to INDIO & INDIO 2 or the ones you mention. Or like the movies Bruno Mattei shot with Brent Huff and italian supporting actors (cop game, Born to fight, Strike commando 2...etc)...they werent official trilogies but since they shot 3 or 4 movies almost back to back, that's why I included Tiger Joe.

    CodeName wildgeese was shot in Hong Kong & Philippines

    I think Comando Leopard was enterely shot in the Philippines

    and Der Commander was shot in the Philippines but also there are some parts shot in Europe in places like Germany, Italy or Switzerland...I am not sure, I saw it long time ago.

  12. When I watched Der Commander - the weakest in the trilogy according to me - it felt like it was shot in Thailand too.

    Commando Leopard has one of the most awesome miniature-shots ever, when an airplane explodes during landing. And the dam getting blown to pieces in the beginning is fantastic too.


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