Sunday, 20 June 2010

Getting hit by KFC!!

No, I don't mean the colonel and his staff were throwing dead chickens at me (hahaha) but that this place got a lot of hits from the KFC (Kung Fu Cinema) message board yesterday. I've just this minute come back from the Google Analytics office and I could see that actually the most hits yesterday came from KFC. I must admit I was slightly curious as to why cos, well, lets face it, I don't spend much time on karate films on this here site. LOL.

VHS/Spain/format?/Spanish dub/no subs
[click scan for full size]

Anyway, "Knockabout" (another Dane btw, this one located in California) linked to my blog as someone had placed the unusual question (for a martial arts forum anyway) of "Anybody know ANYTHING 'bout dis 'Pino flick?". The film in question is DARK DAY EXPRESS and... uh... thanks for the confidence, Michael (Knockabout) but, eh, I'm afraid I won't be of much help. I know, I know, you're shocked, ay. LOL. But this is one mysterious muther if there ever was one. Not even Jesus Manuel seems to know about it; He did actually post about it a few weeks back but with zilch info.

The scarce info that I do have is this: It's a film from Filmark International in Hong Kong (i.e. it may not have anything to do with the Philippines at all). The poster on KFC mentioned the film is from 1987. It's out on VHS in Spain but I haven't got a copy and I don't have any info on other releases either. Needless to say, if any of you have any info on the film or other releases (an English or even German dubbed version would be nice) then do tell. Cheers.

The credit info from the cover:

Lewis Peacock

Donise Scarlett
Andrew Elyot
Gene Fabius
Winlfred White
Barry Euckan
Hubert Francis

Thoodore Green.

Miles Jamas


  1. well...since my new baby has been born & I am back at home, I have less free time than ever ( I have to take care of my weak wife + 2 babies) & more tired than ever that's why I haven't updated my blog for weeks
    But at least here I can continue in some ways what I do in my site.

    DARK DAY EXPRESS is an edited version of a Thai action / war movie titled MISSION HUNTER 2. I haven't it nor I have even watched but I have a good photographic memory & searching for thai movies vcds I found this:

    It is not the first time, guys at Filmark helped themselves using part of the original artwork for their own benefit...they just change the titles & added something new but they never removed the total original art cover.

    well to be totally honest my words above are not yet proven till I get the VHS & the VCD.

  2. Thanks, JM! I have just ordered it. Did you see that there are THREE different releases of that film on Thai VCD and one of them has English subtitles!! That's very rare for a Thai VCD, I only have one other Thai VCD with English subs (the original KRAI THONG film). I've ordered both the VCD you linked to and the subtitled one. The third version and MISSION HUNTER 1 are sold out.

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  4. Hi there, Uzi9mm,

    In regards to your now deleted post: Sorry, no I don't know where you can download DARK DAY EXPRESS. As mentioned in the post the only version of the film that I'm familiar with is the Spanish VHS which I don't have. I have no knowledge of it having been uploaded anywhere.

  5. hello jack,i have the english greek video of this,and it stars panna rittikrai and does not seem to be a cut and paste filmark movie but a complete thai film.

  6. Hey Anonymous!
    So there's a Greek VHS release. Very interesting! Thanks for your info! Would you part with a dvd-r of the film? If there's anything on this site that you'd like a dvd-r of let me know and I'll make you one (unless it's on NTSC in which case I can't burn a copy + I don't actually have all films listed here). My email addy is on the profile page. But in any case thanks for the info!

  7. How might the "Dark Day Express" used to film scenes from "The Lost Idol (1990) 'movie? Some sort of treasure hunt is about both films.
    In the mustache appears in the film The Lost Idol at the end.
    Similar Film Editing: Ultra Warrior (1990), the independent film has no action scenes, away from all the action scenes are cut together.
    The Lost Idol Film Scene:

    The Lost Idol(1990) german Cover:


  9. Hi Anonymous!

    You're right! It does seem like the same! Well spotted! Thanks for the screen grabs + scan.

    Thanks again!


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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