Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Nick Nicholson has died

Unfortunately, Nick Nicholson has just passed away. I never met him but a few of us who collect Filipino films got to know him thru the Filipino section at Dvdmaniacs, these film blogs, personal emails, and not least via Andrew Leavold who went to see him several times in the Philippines. And of course THE FILMS!! I watched him about a week ago in the movie DEATH BOND where he played a double-crossing sleaze-bag. Unfortunately, his health was no-way near the one he had in that film. Recently, he's suffered five heart attacks and had to struggle with having very little money and a hospital system which is beyond crappy. Unfortunately, his body gave up today.

His wife Annie has left this sad message on his blog. Annie, if you read this; I feel very sorry for your loss.

RIP Nick.



  1. Thank you so very much,for your concern i knew that my husband Nick is watching over me, and in his behalf i wanna thank you all, for being a great friend,fans, avid reader of my husband blog, from the bottom of our heart, thank you, thank you, with his guidance i know i can survive, his my guardian angel now, as he promised he won't be leaving me in vain, he will be their for me......Love my baby nick

  2. Dear Annie,

    Thank you for your message. In times like these it's difficult to find the right words because what CAN you really say when someone loses a loved one.

    I "only" knew Nick from my interest in his films. I never got to meet him. But he often made comments on my blogs when I wrote about the films he was in, and it became clear from day one that he was someone who didn't create a distance to the fans of his films. He was easy going.

    I know you're in a tough dark place right now but I sincerely hope you'll come out into the light again on the other side. Nick may be gone but as you say he's still there as your guardian angel.

    Best regards


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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