Monday, 13 December 2010

BLASTFIGHTER on Scandinavian DVD!

Argh, I've just learnt that Lamberto Bava's maybe best film BLASTFIGHTER is gonna get a DVD release in Sweden in 2011!! The label is Njuta Films which means it's probably also gonna get a release in the rest of Scandinavia from Another World Entertainment (AWE). Definitely GRAND news! I already have the Danish and Japanese VHS versions of the film but there's also already an uncut German DVD (which I don't have) but that DVD is reportedly cropped at the sides. Hopefully they'll get it right with this one.

There are no trailers for BLASTFIGHTER on YouTube but we've got one on DEVAG. I've asked Diabolik if he can upload it but until then you can watch it here.


  1. That should be good! I picked up the UK tape of Blastfighter on the Medusa label cheaply in a bulk lot yesterday. Haven't checked it out yet but I'm sure it will be good. A little worried being a UK tape it might be censored - it has an 18 rating on it. Do you happen to know Jack?

  2. In case you're not aware of this the British Board of Classification (BBFC) have a homepage where you can check (most of) the films they've had in for classification.

    Uh, and I'm sorry to say BLASTFIGHTER is cut by 12 seconds! :(

  3. No I didn't know about that site, very handy! Shame about the cuts, but still, 12 seconds is better than 5 minutes and I did get it for only a few dollars, so not to worry. Hopefully the forthcoming DVD is uncut widescreen!

  4. It's a good site but I should point out it's not 100% perfect. Some films aren't on there but whether that's due to their having forgot to list them or because the video labels "forgot" to have them re-classified when they put out new editions I don't know. For instance, "Baby Cart to Hades" was originally cut by 20 sec. but the new box set is fully uncut altho the film isn't listed as having been re-classified by the BBFC.

    Another good alternative to the BBFC page is this one:

    And about BLASTFIGHTER; It's still a highly enjoyable films, 12 seconds cut or not cut, and you definitely ought to watch it. I'm confident the new DVD is gonna be u/c and lbx.

  5. Also the BBFC site doesn't mention whether the films were 'pre-cut' by the distributors before submission.
    But this DVD release is good news!


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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