Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mattei's COP GAME

Just a quick (and yet oh so awesome) tip for ya, mate: The Japanese VHS release of Bruno Mattei's COP GAME is up for auction on eBay right now. The a seller in Finland and it runs for another 8 days. Starting bid is £15 (approx $24) Go here.

Not my auction, got nothing to do with me.


  1. Yes my eBay saved searches picked this one up too! Funny how it made it's way to Finland!

  2. LOL, weeell, on the other hand I'm also in Scandinavia (albeit at the other end from where Finland is) and I've got one or two Japanese tapes as well so it's not so uncommon as you might think. I'm also aware of many collectors of Japanese tapes in Sweden and Norway as well, not to mention collectors in Germany and Holland, and even collectors on those unexplored islands west of the Dutch coast.

  3. Very good point! I suppose its just as strange them ending up here with me in Australia! I know my friends think it's strange, haha.

  4. LOL. Yeah, but at least Australia is located in the Asian region. :D

  5. Picked up that Cop Game auction for the starting price! Pretty happy about that.

  6. Very cool! Sometimes auctions just fly under the radar (or everyone else who's interested in the film has already got a copy, LOL). Congrats!


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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