Monday, 6 December 2010


Both me mates Paul and David kept repeating Brent Huff's great line from Mattei's BORN TO FIGHT in their book "TOUGH TO KILL" (which you own if you're into these films) and now Paul's doing it! Doing what, guv'nar I hear ya ask. Drinking snake's venom and killing the enemy left and right?? Ehh, not quite. But Paul asked me to casually mention that he's just begun to sell off some of his treasured collection of Japanese video tapes!!

No, I'm not making a cruel joke on ya here, buddy. I'm not pulling yer leg. Go to Paul's multo cool'o blog (which you can always find in my blog roll in the bar to the right) and check out his reasons for selling off this stuff. DON'T WORRY he's not tired of violent and trashy war! (well, on celluloid anyway). Go here. There are links to the eBay page in the post (under each cover scan).

PS: If you don't know what the hell I was talking about in reg. to that book just follow this link which will take you to Paul & David Z's blog all about the book. David is also here.

AWESOME TIP... One of the tapes Paul is selling is the ultra gory JUNGLE HEAT (look it up in the index on this page). Now, you can get all sorts of different VHS releases of that film and there's a couple of DVD releases as well. The tape Paul is selling is THE ONLY TAPE you'll want to own!!! It's fully letterboxed and fully uncut (and dubbed in English). ALL OTHER RELEASES are either fullscreen or cut!!! Both the German and the UK DVDs are cut!!! This is the shit! I own a copy otherwise I'd be all over Paul's tape!


  1. Hi Jack, Thank you so much for the kind words & for getting the word out to the good folks out there in movie collectors land about my Ebay auctions, who sensibly frequent your awesome blogs.
    There will be a lot more on a steady flow following Christmas (Hey Santa can do without Brent Huff or Reb Brown kicking Rudolph's rear at this busy time) including some rare PAL VHS Tapes amongst the NTSC Japanese ones & likely the occassional Cool DVD as well.
    Thank you to all who stop by my Blog & take the time to check out the Ebay Auctions. Do of course shoot right on back here to Jacks Emporium of Greatness where when it comes to Filipino film fun ... It Can Be Done :).

  2. Saw Paul's first auctions show up in my saved searches the other day! Looking forward to bidding and hopefully winning some!

  3. Thanks for the interest & support Sutekh. It will be pretty cool having you bid, hope something falls your way.
    Anyone who puts Machete & The Expendables at the top of their Action movie viewing favourites for the year is definitely okay in my book :) . Great to see you giving the love to Bloodsport 2020 too, I really quite enjoyed that myself & what else can be said about the completely awesom Phantom Soldiers. One of my all time favourites.

  4. No problem Paul (I'm the guy that emailed you about Strike Commando 2 and Jungle Heat as soon as you put the auctions up!). Thanks for checking out my blog too and your kind words!

    Bloodsport 2020 was great fun, a real nice surprise. Phantom Soldiers was a great find for me courtesy of Jack and this blog!

  5. I did wonder if that was you Simon. Hope you received my reply & are okay with my reasons. Seriously, I do hope that you come out a winning bid that works pretty well for both of us. Thanks once again. Paul

  6. Yup sure did and I understand! I'll be bidding strong for these ones. Strike Commando 2 is probably number one on my wants list now. Well, number two - Robowar is the Jpn VHS I need the most!

  7. Well I'm happy to have won Strike Commando 2! Unfortunately Jungle Heat was too rich for me this time :( Congratulations to whomever picked that one up.

  8. Very Well done Simon. Really pleased that you came out a winner for Strike Commando 2, being a movie that was top of your wants list. Sorry that you just missed out on Jungle Heat. More Action goodness to be popped up on Ebay after Christmas. A big thanks to all who took the time to stop by & bid on my Auctions & a Huge Thank You to Jack for putting out news on the Auctions. I really do appreciate it Jack, thanks. Paul

  9. You're welcome, Paul. Unfortunately, it could very well be that my helpfulness is now biting me in the ass!!!

    Tonight, I've lost TWO auctions that were both on eBay pages which the winners might very well have discovered due to my having linked to them. Argh!!

    I wanted your "Ten Zan: Ultimate Mission" but someone outbid me. And also, I guess my always linking to Spiralheadcase's auctions has made people aware of them and now always check for themselves. So altho I cunningly left out mentioning the COBRA MISSION 2 auction someone still discovered it and outbid me (it's the 3're time I'm loosing out on that Japanese tape!).

    In both cases it seems there was only one other bidder as both auctions' final bid exceeded my own bids with only one dollar. What a bummer!!! Anyhoo, no hard feeling OF COURSE cos it's a fair game and that's how it is at auctions, haha. Congrats to Simon with the "Strike Commando 2" tape and to whoever won those two tapes (in the jolly spirit of Christmas I think you migh wanna consider sending the tapes to me for free to express your love for this site and to celebrate this festive season! You'll feel good afterwards). xD

  10. I had a bash at the Cobra Mission 2 as well but my first bid took it to 45 and outbid, so gave up!

  11. LOL. Yeah, I put 50 on it and went to bed. The damndest thing is I actually won the film at another auction from another seller ("Mattosaka") in Japan a couple of months back... and then he sent me the wrong tape!!! Argh! (if at least it had been a tape I didn't have but it was "Saigon Commandos" which I already had on Japanese tape). I got a refund and all but no tape. :(

    Btw, "Spiralheadcase" is actually not a Japanese seller but a Brit living in Japan. "Mattosaka" is an American living there.

  12. It can now be very difficult to obtain those fabulous Japanese Tapes as a lot more people are aware of the terrific sellers out there. Both Alister & Matt who you mention I was using way back when they first started which is a huge part of why I have been able to accumulate my Japanese VHS collection. Particularly in recent years Alister (spiralheadcase) has done exceptionally well on some very nice tapes, many going for prices over the $100 mark. I am genuinely pleased for him as he is a very decent & honourable guy. Never had one single issue in dealing with him, only have the upmost respect for him & would never hesitate to recommend him to others. I recall getting The Vampire Is Still Alive aka Counter Destroyer in a fabulous Widescreen pring from him for around $60, for sure quite a hefty sum, but considering that in later years, when this very occassionaly pops up, he was selling it for over $150 I realised just what a gem I had obtained. This was whilst I was discovering lots of wierd and wonderful movies such as Robo Vampire & Death Code Ninja & the wonders of Japanese Tape & Uncut Widescreen rarities. The insert art covers alone are often worth the price of collecting, and some do !.
    Guys, that Cobra Mission 2 tape is reasonably rare itself. Took me a long time to obtain one, a little less time to then get a second. Expect Cobra Mission 2 to be put up on Ebay from me in the coming weeks :) .
    Jack, you probably are aware of this but I suspect a lot will not be, but the Japanese Tape for the first Cobra Mission actually has two slightly different insert covers. The standard version which pops up on Ebay has a greyish hue to it, whereas the rarer seen Tape has a full blown vibrant colour cover art. I have both but did not recognise this peculiarity until the colour cover popped up one day. A great Action flick for sure.

  13. You're absolutely right about Ali and Matt! Ali is a little more talkative but I have nothing but full respect for the both of them. Matt has even included an extra free tape a couple of times as a free gift because I was a "good customer". :D

    COBRA MISSION 2 auction! That sounds cool. Who knows, maybe the fourth time is my lucky charm. LOL. Thanks for the info on COBRA MISSION and no I did not know that. From your description I think mine is the greyish one. You can see my copy here:

    - Also, if anybody reading this has become interested in the two films they need not wait for rare and expensive auctions; Both Japanese tapes are now available in DVD form from our friends the good people of VideoAsia, haha. I posted about their (then) new "Expendables 2: Zero Heroes" box set that they put out a few months back which contains four films and the two of them are COBRA MISSION 1 & 2. Both are sourced from Japanese video.


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Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow - Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD.