Friday, 10 June 2011



My buddy Knudsford who does the Asian Cult Cinema Showcase blog in Japan has just told me ABOVE THE WAR has been released on DVD over there! I've already got the Japanese VHS so I'm not gonna order the DVD but if any of you do please let us know about quality and if there's any cool extras. Thanks.

The above cover is my VHS but the front is basically the same. Read more about ABOVE THE WAR here.


  1. G'day Jack, it was came out with wide screen format and quality as better than VHS I hope.
    About extras, Dick Kajiwara's audio comments and trailers as well. English/Japanese dual audio. Hope it helps! cheers mate :)

  2. G'day Knutsford! :D

    Yup, that sure helps. Thanks for your info!

  3. More info and cover here:

    Also available at YesAsia:

  4. Thanks, Simon. I had already seen the YesAsia listing. Before any of you rush off to spend 50 dollars on this I should point out that this film is the rare combination of Filipino Vietnam war movie PLUS comedy!!! Ron Kristoff being the funny guy! o_O

    LOL. I didn't think it was all that good, actually I would say it's more INTERESTING than good.

    However... having said that... I should point out this IS a totally rare film!!! I'm certain it was only released to home cinema in Japan! It was shot under the title "The B-Team" and Bert Spoor who was in it didn't even know it had ever been released until I told him I had found the Japanese VHS.

  5. Knutsford just informed me on FB that the new dvd is even letterboxed! Very nice! My vhs is fullscreen.

  6. Yup the CD Japan listing says 16:9LB! I have the Japanese tape and it's definitely letterbox though?

  7. Yes, you're right. My mistake. I just checked and it's letterboxed.

  8. Looks like another fun action flick! Interesting title.

  9. I think it's an alright actioner but not in the top league (of the Filipino Vietnam war trash, lol). The film is a rare mix of Vietnam war and ... comedy! Watch Ron Kristoff as a funny guy! Personally I didn't think it worked very well but, hey, don't listen to me I'm just a fan like anybody else. You may love the film.

    I thought it was more *interesting* than good. xD


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