Monday, 6 December 2010

Predator vs Robowar!!!

EDIT (2019): Unfortunately, the fan video embedded here has been removed on YouTube and 9 years ago I didn't think to save a copy. But I'll keep this post as, if nothing else, it's valid for John Dulaney's comments in the comments section. John Dulaney was in ROBOWAR and he's commented on here almost since I first posted this.
PS: if anybody stumbles over the fan made compare video please let me know where I can find it and I'll embed it again. Cheers. 

Check this out! The original PREDATOR compared with Bruno Mattei's "remake" (or "knockoff" if you will) ROBOWAR!!

- Oh, and if you've never been on this blog before you'll be excused for thinking I'm making fun of a trashy Bruno Mattei film compared to an awesome and well known film like PREDATOR. But actually I'm NOT. Not at all, not at all!!! Mattei's ROBOWAR is a god-like entertaining piece of trash horror war gore cinema that does what it sets out to do; deliver 300% full-on entertainment!! xD xD xD

- And it's a GREAT pity there's no English friendly DVD release of ROBOWAR. :(

PS: Credits go out to Jayson for posting the video on FB!


  1. This was great! I still have to review Robowar on my site, it is excellent. Love Reb Brown.

  2. Taht is a fantastic comparisson piece, well done Jayson. How Incredible is that for scene for scene movie Xeroxing. Bruno Mattei was the King of Copy, but also injected his own cohesiveness, filling each scene with Action a plenty along with some wonderfully zany one liners that you just know the likes of Reb Brown & Brent Huff in particular threw in themselves. Robowar is a MUST have for sure.

  3. I should point out the credits for the video goes to a guy in France, not Jayson. I credited Jayson for having made me aware of the video. :-)

    The YT video has a French language dub. However, I'm not even aware if ROBOFORCE is out on a French dubbed DVD, it may very well be. The quality of the picture is great and there's no Japanese subs.

  4. ...and why am I using the title for Tsui Hark's entertaining ROBOFORCE to describe ROBOWAR? No idea. I'm an enigma (or just confused, LOL).

  5. Jack clearly the Roboforce is not with you. I'll inform Reb Brown of this failing. Expect a Rebel Yell very soon ! :) .

  6. I saw this while back in Youtube and laughed my ass off. Mattei is the man.

    Anyone got any idea where to get this French DVD (if it exists) ?

  7. I just checked and and there's French VHS versions of ROBOWAR both places but no DVD. Maybe he got the print from a good looking VHS.

    I also just checked German Amazon and there's actually a German DVD!!! (retitled "Roboman", hahaha). But needless to say it's dubbed into German and has NO English audio. And it's anybody's guess as to whether it's cut or not. MANY German DVDs and video tapes are cut!

  8. Edit: Unfortunately, one of the customer reviews on that page states that the German DVD is indeed cut!!!

  9. Same DVD is also in , maybe bootleg?

    Well, i have to then write to Santa Claus that he starts to release these films on DVD with his "Trashy Jungle Fever" label :)

    "Dear Santa,

  10. Hmm, I wouldn't order it if I were you. Some of the sellers write:

    "Where is my DVD. I bought it over a month ago, it should have been here 3 weeks ago. This seller Sucks."

    "Actually, is not even the movie advertised; It is the 1973 movie "Who?" (also known as "Robo Man")... AND NOT the 1988 movie "Robowar""

    "WARNING: I just bought this off amazon and it is a cheap bootleg pressed on a dvd-r"


  11. broonage aka Mr. A3 January 2011 at 14:31

  12. Mr. A!!! This is awesome footage, thank you so much for the link!!!

  13. broonage aka Mr. A5 January 2011 at 12:58

    Ha, knew you'd like that!
    I haven't had a chance to watch it all the way through. But if there is ever a dvd, surely they'd HAVE to put that on it as a special feature!

  14. Hey, you're not the uploader, are you?

    I just noticed that two seconds after part 2 was uploaded I get your message here. LOL. Well, whoever you are thanks again, and thanks to the uploader who happens to be John Dulaney who was actually IN the movie!

  15. Hey, no i'm not the uploader. Just a fan.

    I don't have a google or blog account etc, so i just post on your blog with my username - broonage.

    I mentioned a few weeks back that your blog is great lunchtime reading. :)

    Best wishes.

  16. Oh, I remember that. But even so you could still be the uploader. LOL. Anyway, thanks again. I checked his account and he has uploaded tons of home-videos, some of which are from his time in Italian films and a few have Richard Harrison in them. :D

  17. BEHIND THE SCENES “ROBOWAR” in the Philippines videos.
    Anyone is free to place links on their pages from my ROBOWAR behind the scenes videos in YOUTUBE..or any other of my videos. The links should go only to my YOUTUBE site, please.
    These videos were shot by Catherine Hickland and myself in the Makiling Rainforest of Luzon, Philippines while making ROBOWAR. CS0

    and uwc

    and 3cU Thanks, john

  18. John!! Thanks for your comment. I was actually going to post all three part one of these days when I'd watched them. You've got so much stuff on your YT account it's amazing! I watched some of your stuff that has footage of Richard Harrison and Mike Montey. Just awesome!!

  19. Hi John. Thanks for the link. I'll make a new blog post about the release. A little bird (called Andrew) mentioned that the footage that you posted here (eight years ago!) is going to be on the disc. Very cool!

  20. Jack, yes, and I am interviewed on the disk as well, with others. John


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Bikini girls with machine guns

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