Sunday, 23 February 2020

BROTHERS IN BLOOD - now on blu-ray

Cover "A"
I mentioned this briefly in my last post; The good people of Germany have now released Tonino Valerii's BROTHERS IN BLOOD on blu-ray! Yay! Spiffy!! LOL.

I for one am certainly happy about this release. It's not a Filipino flick, and it's not gory or very extreme, but still, bloody good fun if you ask me. And I quite like Werner Pochat in these films. He was an Austrian actor and he had that perfect bad guy mug. And in this one he doesn't even play a bad guy but he still has the face of an unpleasant character! Unfortunately, in real life he passed away a long time ago. He was only 53. 

About the new release
Firstly and most importantly; Yes, the blu-ray is English friendly. According to on-line info the disk has both the English and German dubs + English and German subtitles.
Oddly enough it doesn't carry the Italian dub.

The blu-ray is released with three different covers (I've ordered Cover A) but otherwise the contents are the same:

From D&T's webstore (auto translated from German): 

* 28 pages booklet with an essay by script author Roberto Leoni in German and English
and an essay by Udo Rothenberg (blog "Green is the Heath") in German and English
as well as the Italian promotional material.
* Double sided poster with the Italian Locandia and US video cover
* EXCLUSIVE produced featurette "Basterd in Blood" with leading actor BO SVENSON
* EXCLUSIVE produced documentary " Mr. Nice Guy " about the life and work of
WERNER POCHATH with brother and film producer DIETER POCHLATKO
* International trailer
* International Picture Gallery

Cover "B" - under the alternative title of SAVAGE ATTACK

Also somewhat important to notice; As with so many of these German blu-ray releases this is a very limited release; as far as I can tell the print-run is 900 copies in total. The release date was 1. February so it's been out for about a month by now.

Here's a link to the blu-ray on D&T's site but you can also get it from German Amazon and some other web-stores in Germany and Austria.

Cover "C"

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