Friday 21 February 2020

Trailers gone AWOL

Maybe three quarters of the trailers on this blog were uploaded by other people over on YouTube. Needless to say, I'm aware that a trailer or two disappears from YouTube once in a while. Either when a channel gets taken down by the powers that be (due to the usual copyright infringement nonsense) or because a channel owner decides to close his account. However, last night I discovered that about 15 trailers were missing from this place. Not good!

Probably half of them were uploaded by my friend Diabolik and they went down the toilet when YouTube Gestapo decided that his trailer channel contained "pornographic" contents - despite the fact that he doesn't upload pornographic trailers.

Anyhoo, fortunately I've kept most of the trailers on my computer and I can probably find the last few missing ones over on Diabolik's old site so no biggie. It was just a pain to have to upload them all again (most of them I uploaded straight to his blog and thus don't have to worry about their being pulled from or by other channels).

Apart from TOUGH TO KILL (posted in the above) I have also reuploaded these trailers:

HITMAN - Danish trailer
HITMAN - US trailer

If you just wanna check out the trailers you can scroll down the bar on the right; Towards the bottom you'll find a trailer index.

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